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There are many processes in sheet metal processing, the most common and main process is bending. In the sheet metal processing demand brought by 5g related industries, press brake bending has a great role due to its unique advantages. 5g related industries develop corresponding areas to provide a huge processing market for sheet metal industry. Whether it is 5g base station, antenna reflector board, or cabinet of distribution cabinet, network cabinet, server and other chassis cabinets, huge metal processing needs inject new vitality into sheet metal processing enterprises.

Server cabinet is a standardized product in 5g field, and 5g construction has a huge demand beyond the previous market. Compared with the previous 4G products, 5g server standardized shell is smaller and more complex, which puts forward new requirements for the accuracy of production. Compared with the ordinary hydraulic bending machine, the electric press brake is driven by the servo motor, which has higher transmission accuracy and more stable operation, which makes the servo bending machine more in line with the high-precision processing requirements of 5g industry related sheet metal products.

electric press brake

1. Significant energy saving

One of the advantages of 100% electric servo drive technology is that the input power of the motor is directly proportional to the load power, the power consumption is large when bending, small when the slider goes up without load, and no power consumption when the slider stops. But the main motor and hydraulic pump of the hydraulic servo bending machine are running continuously even if the slider doesn't work, which consumes electric energy. In addition, the mechanical main transmission efficiency of the pure electric servo bending machine is more than 95%, and the hydraulic transmission efficiency of the hydraulic servo bending machine is less than 80%, and the efficiency of the hydraulic system components is lower after aging and wear.

In addition, the servo bending machine in daily operation, more energy saving and environmental protection, and there is no oil leakage and other problems. Taking the electrical cabinet of 100t bending machine as an example, according to the calculation of working 8h a day, the energy saving of pure electric servo bending machine is about 80%, which is compared with that of hydraulic servo. It can be seen that in the daily use of servo bending machine, the annual electricity saving is also a big number.

2. Environmental protection and pollution free

The press brake machine does not use hydraulic oil, does not replace the hydraulic oil, the disassembly and replacement of hydraulic components, and there is no leakage of hydraulic oil during the process of replacement and replacement, and there is no waste oil treatment and pollution.

3.The slider is fast and high production efficiency

The response speed of servo motor is faster than hydraulic servo. The hydraulic servo bending machine is affected by the environment and the heating of hydraulic system, so it needs to be warm up or shut down for heat dissipation. Once there is a fault in the hydraulic system, the technical requirements for finding and troubleshooting are high and the time is long. But the components of pure servo bending machine are few and very low failure rate , and there are no such problems at all.

Therefore, the machining efficiency of pure electric servo bending machine is nearly 1 times higher than that of hydraulic bending machine of the same tonnage.

4. High bending accuracy

The bending speed of the pure electric servo bending machine is adjustable. According to different thickness, different material and different bending length, more appropriate bending speed can be set to improve the bending accuracy and maintain high productivity. The deflection compensation axis of pure electric servo bending machine has higher bending accuracy.

The bending angle error of hydraulic bending machine ± 1 ° The main drive of the servo bending machine is driven by the servo motor to drive the lead screw, so the transmission accuracy is higher. Through the bending angle measurement of a variety of specifications of plates, the bending angle error can be well guaranteed to be less than ± 0.5 °.

5. Low maintenance cost

The hydraulic oil of hydraulic bending machine needs to be changed regularly, Pumps, valves and seals are easy to break down and damage, and the hydraulic system is easy to pollute, so it is difficult to find and remove faults. Once the hydraulic system is polluted, it is difficult to clean the system, and it will cause environmental pollution. The drive system of pure electric servo bending machine is simple, there is nearly no maintenance cost, only need regular lubrication. The design and manufacture of the pure electric servo bending machine aims at high bending accuracy, high operation efficiency and high reliability. The finite element analysis of the bed and the slider is carried out to optimize and strengthen the rigidity of the bed and the slider.

6. Wide applications

Suitable for stainless steel and aluminum industry, furniture, kitchen and bathroom industry, decoration engineering, hardware products factory.


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