Reasons For The Power Drop Of Handheld Laser Welder

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Handheld laser welder is one of the commonly used laser processing equipment. The principle is to use laser beam with high energy density as a heat source to melt and solidify the surface of the material into a whole. The size of the heat-affected area, the beauty of the weld, and the welding efficiency are important indicators for judging the quality of the welding. According to customer feedback, fiber laser welding machine sometimes experiences power drops during use.

Generally speaking, the main reasons that affect the power drop of laser welding machine are as follows:

1.Welding speed.

The welding speed is proportional to the power of the laser welding machine. At the same time, the welding quality is related to the quality of the laser beam, as well as the characteristics of the laser beam focusing system, that is, the size of the laser beam after focusing has a great influence on the laser quality.

2.The distance between the workpiece and the nozzle. 

Too far distance will cause unnecessary waste of laser energy, and at the same time, too close distance will cause splashes, which will affect the diffusion ability of the welding machine. The appropriate distance is 0.8 mm. In addition, the height of the nozzle and the workpiece should always be the same during the operation.

3.The focus position will affect the accuracy of the fiber laser welding machine, especially the focus diameter. 

The focal spot diameter should be as small as possible, so that the welded joint is narrower. The focal spot diameter is proportional to the focal depth of the focusing lens. The smaller the focal depth, the smaller the focal spot diameter.

4.Auxiliary gas.

The auxiliary gas and gas pressure will also affect the power of the laser welding machine. If the thickness of the material increases or the welding machine is slow, the gas pressure should be appropriately reduced.  The low-pressure can prevent the edge from frosting.

If none of the above methods can solve the problems that the laser power is too low or the power is reduced, it is best to contact the manufacturer for after-sales service. Please do not disassemble and repair the fiber laser welding machine at will. Senfeng Laser provides you with after-sales service around the clock.

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