Paint Removal Technology and Application field of Laser Cleaning Machine

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Due to the long-term erosion of air, moisture and temperature, the paint is prone to peeling off, which affects the appearance and reduces the ability to prevent metal corrosion. It needs to be repainted regularly. The paint removal is the most important process before repainting.Laser paint removal is a process in which the paint layer on the surface is instantaneously evaporated or expanded and peeled off by shining the laser beam on the paint part to be cleaned.

Features of fiber laser cleaner:


It is convenient to clean corners which are difficult to reach by traditional cleaning methods, such as abnormity parts, holes and grooves.

2.Fine processing

It is possible to selectively clean paint on certain parts of the substrate.

3.Environmental protection and pollution-free

There is no need to use chemical reagents; the solid powder layer produced by paint removal can be recycled through the dust collection system.

4.Clean condition

It can remove all kinds of substrate surface coating and achieve a high degree of cleanliness, short time of impact will not make the substrate surface heating, no damage to the substrate.

5.Low cost

The pulse laser used in thefiber  laser cleaning machine has a long service life, usually up to 100000 hours, stable quality, good reliability. There is no consumption of consumables in the process of use, and only regular cleaning or replacement of the lens is needed in the later period, with low maintenance cost and close to maintenance free.

More advantages of fiber laser cleaning paint removal technology,look at the below table:

Paint removal method



Mechanical polishing

Easy to operate


Time consuming and inefficient

Shot Peening

Suitable for metal and composite surfaces


High investment cost


Chemical methods


Can clean large area of paint


Suitable for metal and composite surfaces

Ultrasonic paint removal

Good cleaning effect


Restricted by the size of the cleaning tank

Laser paint removal

Environmentally friendly and pollution-free, suitable for all kinds of substrate surface paint, no damage to the substrate

Because it is cleaned by means of laser irradiation, it cannot be cleaned where the laser cannot reac

As a technical method, laser paint removal is widely used in aerospace, automobile manufacturing, rail transit, shipbuilding, steel manufacturing, electronics industry and so on. If you want to know more about fiber laser cleaning machine, please contact senfeng .

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