New Product Launched! Portable Handheld Laser Welding Machine FAC-1500

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As a manufacturer of portable handheld laser welding machines, Senfeng Laser has recently launched a new generation of handheld laser welding system FAC-1500. From high-efficiency semiconductor packaging pump source, high-brightness single-module fiber laser technology to laser welding control and process software, the core components and key control systems of the FAC-1500 portable laser welding machine are independently developed by SENFENG. Compared with traditional welding products, FAC-1500 portable handheld laser welding machine has unique advantages, providing customers with more flexible, higher precision and easier to use solutions. You can check the video to learn more.

1. Easy to Transport, Fast Welding Speed

FAC-1500 portable laser welding machine adaopts the air-cooled heat dissipation, and no need for additional water-cooling equipment, nor other refrigerants or compressors. Pipes, components, control and maintenance of the water chilling unit are unnecessary, which increases portability and improves the system reliability. The machine weight is less than 75KG and the machine volume is less than 0.2m3, enabling the carry by one single person. The welding machine can be placed in the trunk of a car, which is convenient for transportation and carry.

Compared with traditional welding methods, the FAC-1500 portable laser welding machine can significantly increase the welding speed and is easier to learn and operate. At the same time, it provides better quality and uniform welding results for welding of various materials and thicknesses, with low heat input and little or no filler wire, ensuring a beautiful weld.

2. Easy to Operate, Reduce Deformation

The FAC-1500 portable handheld laser welding machine controls are intuitive and simple, allowing novice welders to master welding operations with only hours of training. Reduce labor costs while improving quality, consistency, and productivity. Users who are accustomed to traditional welding methods will benefit from the faster and more flexible processing capabilities brought by the FAC-1500. The equipment can weld thick, thin and highly reflective metals with minimal distortion, undercuts or burn through.

3. Increase Productivity

The FAC-1500 portable handheld laser welding machine has a laser power of up to 1500W, and for different materials and thicknesses, the optimal welding settings can be quickly selected through an intuitive adjustment knob. The FAC-1500 is equipped with swing welding as standard, which can achieve weld widths up to 5mm, and the welds are beautifully formed while improving performance. Other standard features include:

  •  5 m long transmission fiber for extended operating range;

  •  Multi-level sensors and interlocks to ensure operator safety;

  • Laser welding gun with swing function, support wire feeding;

  •  Nozzle types suitable for different welding occasions.

Unlike traditional welding methods, FAC-1500 welding fixtures are simpler, and even no welding fixtures are required. The grounding point does not need to be completely clean, and even a novice can reliably solder materials of varying thickness and conductivity. In addition, portable laser welding machines greatly reduce the heat-affected zone, while also reducing the subsequent grinding and polishing steps required by conventional welding methods, resulting in increased productivity, reduced scrap, and lower cost per workpiece.

4. Double security

The safety of handheld laser welding equipment has always been a public concern. The overall design of FAC-1500 pays more attention to operator safety, and the product design conforms to EU and international safety standards. Built-in security features include:

  • The key switch and emergency stop button of the laser light source ensure the safety of operation;

  • Optical fiber interlocking device to ensure the integrity of the connection from the laser to the welding torch, etc.

  • To ensure safe use, operators must wear all recommended personal protective equipment, including laser safety glasses and welding masks with laser protective windows, laser and heat resistant gloves, hats, leather aprons, and other laser and heat resistant clothing.

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