Metal Laser Cutting Machine Promoting  Agricultural Machinery Industry Development

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With the development of new agricultural products, there are more and more new requirements for agricultural machinery manufacturing technology. The application of metal laser cutting machine accelerates the process of agricultural machinery modernization.

Most of the agricultural machinery parts are sheet metal parts, in the past, we commonly used is punch processing, which needs to consume a lot of punch mold. It is complex and only suitable for mass production, single piece, do not fit for small batch production and diverse metal parts .Comparatively speaking, there are significant advantages of metal laser cutting machine

1.Metal laser cutting machine with high accuracy

The traditional processing method needs positioning, which may affect the accuracy of the workpiece. Sheet laser cutting machine adopts advanced operation and control system, through professional laser cutting software to achieve very accurate positioning cutting. Non contact process, the cutting process does not damage the surface of the workpiece, the seam is narrow,  small heat effect, and do not easy to deform.

2.Metal laser cutter not limited by graph

The metal laser cutter does not need programming. It has a special programming software. It can automatically generate the program by importing the design drawings to realize the cutting of any shape of plate / pipe. The large panel material can be processed and formed at one time without consumption of mould, which is economical and time-saving.

3.Metal plate cutting machine saving materials

The traditional punch will produce a lot of leftover materials when processing complex circle cutting, arc cutting and special shape parts, which will increase the cost. Metal plate cutting machine can realize automatic typesetting and nesting through cutting software, which fundamentally solves the problem of recycling leftover materials and plays a key role in reducing costs.

4.Metal laser cutting machine is easy operate

The metal laser cutting machine only needs CAD drawing, the cutting control system is easy to learn and use, and with easy to maintain, which can save a lot of labor and maintenance costs.

5.Metal laser cutter is safety and environmental friendly

Traditional processing is characterized by high noise and strong vibration, which is harmful to the health of operators. Metal laser cutting machine using high power density laser beam processing materials, no noise, no vibration, relatively safe. Equipped with dust removal and ventilation system, the emission meets the  environmental protection requirements.

It can be easy seen that the metal laser cutting machine can create a larger production space for agricultural machinery manufacturers. The use of more advanced sheet laser cutting machine for agricultural machinery manufacturing will help enterprises stand out in the increasingly fierce market competition and improve efficiency.




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