Maintenance precautions of laser tube cutting machines

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With the advancement of science and technology and the development of industry, professional laser tube cutting machines have gradually replaced traditional tube cutting equipment and have been greatly promoted and used in the industrial field. As a company, how to improve the working efficiency and service life of professional laser pipe cutting machines and maintain an advantage in the fierce market competition? The most important thing is to do daily maintenance. However, the maintenance of the metal tube cutting equipment is mainly divided into multiple parts such as the bed, cutting head, and feeder, and each part has different maintenance precautions. Today, let’s take a look at the daily maintenance work of the laser pipe cutting machine:

I. Partial cleaning and maintenance of the cutting head

1. Keep the cutting head dust-free

To ensure the high-precision cutting quality of the metal tube cutting machine, the maintenance of the cutting head is essential. The first thing to pay attention to is dust prevention. Dust entering the lens cavity can easily contaminate the lens, which will affect the cutting effect and even the life of the cutting head. Therefore, in order to ensure that no dust enters the cutting head, after the equipment is installed and debugged, the upper part of the cutting head can be sealed with masking glue.

2. Dimming correction

Check whether the light comes out from the center of the nozzle before cutting every day, otherwise it needs to be adjusted again.

3. Protective lens inspection

Check whether the protective lens is clean every day before cutting. Otherwise, you need to clean the protective lens with isopropanol or analytical grade (alcohol purity above 99.5%). Clean and clean without leaving any traces of water.

4. Nozzle inspection

Before each cut, we need to check the roundness and cleanliness of the nozzle and clean the nozzle. (Two types of nozzles: conventional nozzles are used to cut flat pipes with sufficient spacing between parts; pointed-nozzle nozzles are used to cut parts with small spacing, grooves and convex hulls)

5. Ceramic ring inspection

Check the ceramic ring, SMA wire, SMA pin, and preamplifier every day for looseness or foreign matter, and tighten and clean them.

6. Replace the ceramic ring

When replacing the ceramic ring, you must align the interface to ensure that there is no extra rubber ring except for the two rubber rings above the ceramic ring.

II.Cleaning and maintenance of chuck and machine tool transmission part

1. Monthly maintenance of Z-axis guide rail and screw rod

Z-axis guide rails and screw rods are cleaned with a clean cloth every month. After cleaning, apply appropriate amount of lubricating oil manually.

2. Foreign body inspection

Check every day whether there are iron filings, iron blocks and other foreign objects around the chuck. If found, clean it up with an air gun and manually refuel it. Add butter to the gear, and add it every two days.

3. Clean the rack

Check the rack of the laser cutting machine for tubes every day before going to work for any foreign matter, and clean up if found.

4. Check the amount of lubricating oil regularly and add lubricating oil in time.

III.Maintenance of feeding transmission part

IV.Partial cleaning and maintenance of the chiller

1. Clean the filter every day to ensure good ventilation and heat dissipation.

2. The temperature of the chiller is generally maintained at 22°C to 28°C (high temperature is set to 28-32°C in summer, and low temperature is set to 26-29°C, please adjust in time in summer).

3. Change the water every month (using distilled water), clean the water tank every time you change the water, circulate the dirty water in the equipment once with new distilled water, and then inject new water.

V.Cleaning and maintenance in the electric cabinet

The electrical cabinet of the fiber laser pipe cutter machine removes dust once every six months (every month for harsh environments). Before dust removal, the equipment needs to be powered off (note: do not touch any wiring terminals within 5 minutes after power off). Use a vacuum cleaner or dry cloth (do not use compressed air) to clean the dust in the electric cabinet.

VI.Summer anti-laser dew maintenance

Because the laser has higher requirements for the use environment, the large temperature difference between the laser and the external environment is prone to condensation, which in turn causes damage to the laser. Therefore, in order to protect the laser of the laser tube cutting machine, the following maintenance needs to be done when using the laser in summer:

1. Make a separate air-conditioned room for the laser, improve the external working environment of the laser, and keep the laser working in a dry and constant temperature environment. It is recommended to buy a temperature and humidity meter and place it in the fiber laser air-conditioned room to monitor the temperature and humidity in the air-conditioned room. According to the ambient temperature, adjust the temperature of the chiller, set the high temperature to 28-32°C and the low temperature to 25-29°C.

2. Strictly implement the power-on sequence of the fiber laser metal tube cutting machine:

A. Boot sequence

(1) Turn on the main power switch of the laser and let the case air conditioner or dehumidifier run for more than 30 minutes.

(2) After turning on the laser for 30 minutes, turn on the power switch of the chiller.

B. Shutdown sequence

(1) Turn off the power switch of the chiller.

(2) Turn off the laser power switch.

The correct use and maintenance of the equipment can not only extend the service life of the laser tube cutting equipment, but also ensure the top priority of production efficiency and quality. As one of the laser tube cutting machine manufacturers,Senfeng leiming laser is committed to providing customers with better laser cutting solutions. The above is the maintenance knowledge of laser tube cutting machine that Maggie shared with you today. I hope to provide you with some help!



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