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Welding is a very common processing method in industrial manufacturing. Welding methods such as argon arc welding, resistance spot welding, and soldering iron welding have been widely used. Its cost is relatively low, and it mainly uses the heat source converted from electric power to realize high-temperature welding. But there are also many security risks. Electric welding is a welding method in which the metal is melted by an electric arc, so the temperature during the welding process is as high as 3000 to 6000 degrees, and it is accompanied by the splash of high-temperature welding slag or sparks. If it comes into contact with flammable materials such as flying catkins, cotton fabrics, wood, chemicals, etc., it is easy to cause fire or even deflagration. Fire accidents caused by traditional electric welding occur from time to time, causing casualties and heavy property losses. Therefore, it is necessary to adopt a safer welding method---laser welding.

Laser welding is an efficient and precise welding method that uses the heat energy converted by high-energy beams to radiate onto the workpiece, so that the materials are instantly melted and combined to achieve welding. Compared with the traditional welding process, gh laser welding uses high energy, the beam power density is generally greater than 105W/cm2, and the instantaneous temperature of the welding area reaches thousands of degrees. But the difference is that laser welding is a more advanced and smarter process. Workers do not need to be in a high temperature environment for welding operations. Staff are relatively safe throughout the process.

There is no need to worry about the hidden danger of welding slag or sparks splashing and igniting with laser welding. Laser welding often uses shielding gas or gas blowing to quickly blow away the welding slag and cool it down. The sparks during welding are part of the reflected light of the laser, which disappear quickly and are not easy to ignite objects. In traditional welding, welders and operators often have to face welding dust and smoky environment, and need to wear protective clothing, goggles, skin and even lungs have potential risks of occupational diseases, and the manual operation time is too long, easy to fatigue, The accuracy of manual welding is reduced. Laser welding equipment has a high degree of automation, no need for long-term manual operation, less smoke and dust pollution, and can be equipped with dust removal and purification to achieve clean welding.

In recent years, the handheld laser welding machine that has gradually emerged has been highly sought after by the market. It has quickly entered various industries such as hardware tools, door and window guards, stainless steel kitchen utensils, bathrooms, furniture, home appliances, advertising, and handicrafts, and has successfully replaced some traditional electric welding markets. The biggest advantage of handheld laser welding is that it gets rid of the shackles of the previous laser equipment workbench, and can achieve the same flexibility as arc welding. The handheld welding equipment is movable, realizing the possibility of on-site processing anywhere. Handheld laser welding is easy to operate and very fast, more than 5 times faster than resistance spot welding. The maintenance cost is very low, and no welding consumables are required. After the workpiece is welded by the laser welding machine, the weld seam is smooth and clean, and does not need to be polished again.

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