Technical Parameter
Model SF1500CH
Laser Power (kW) 20-30
Working Area (L*W, mm) 28000*3000
Max width of H-shaped steel (web, mm) 1500
Max height of H-shaped steel (flange slab, mm) 500
Max No-load Speed (m/min) 60
Max thickness ≤50mm (straight cutting) , ≤35mm (flange slab beveling)
Overall Dimensions (L*W*H, mm) 35670*5900*3030
X/Y-axis Positioning Accuracy (mm) ±0.1
X/Y-axis Repositioning Accuracy (mm) ±0.05
Large H-shaped Steel Laser Cutting Machine
Good Ability of Cutting Profiles
The machine’s gantry dual-driven structure can keep its beam under uniform force and hard to deform. Besides straight cutting, beveling is also easy to do.

* Laser power: 20-30kW
* Max width/height of H-shaped steel: 1500/500mm
* Max cutting thickness: 35-50mm
Put Work Convenience First
Designed as open-style, the machine takes into account of user’s cutting comfort while designing, therefore, users will enjoy efficient, convenient and hassle-free cutting.

* A and B rotating axes
±180° swing, crash-proof but fast to respond
* Double work stations
Custom-made in size, to make loading & unloading easier
* Worker passageway
Enter in platform to load and unload H-shaped steel
CNC System Special for H-shaped Steel​​​​​​
It is easy for users to install and operate the system. Technical parameters allow to be changed visually on its operating interface. Thanks to content-rich cutting database built with various crafts, we will provide users with smart cutting.

* Automatic nesting software
* Automatic export of work report
* Automatic match with deformed workpiece
Autofocus Laser Cutting Head
The compact-sized cutting head is highly demanding on dust prevention (IP65 grade). Its unique integral cooling structure helps to keep its cutting stable even after long term.

* Scan QR code
Lower users’ dependence on expert engineers because of technical navigation
* Handle with high-reflectivity metals
Brass, AL alloy, stainless steel and galvanized sheet
Firm in Machine Body Structure
The segmented machine body is welded by using heavy-duty metals going through professional treatments, as a result, its sustaining load becomes bigger and degree of stability is greatly improved.

* Precision welding
* Stress relief annealing
* Secondary aging treatment
* Precision machining by large planomiller
Application Industry
Compared with other common sheet laser cutting machines, 1500CH has expanded users’ range of work and accordingly made them more competitive. It is mainly used in road and bridge, warehousing, iron and steel, engineering machinery, electric power, shipbuilding as well as other industries.
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