How to Solve the Problems in the Cutting Process of Tube Laser Cutting Machine?

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With the rapid growth of stainless steel pipe production and consumption, the application of laser tube cutting machines is becoming more and more extensive. Although the use of laser pipe cutting technology has greatly improved the production efficiency, due to the shortage of current metal pipe laser cutting talents, the operation of the new generation of laser pipe cutting machines is not proficient enough, which makes the pipe cutting quality poor and causes serious waste of pipes.

What are the benefits for customers to use a laser tube cutting machine?

Laser tube cutting equipment is a technology with high production efficiency and strong production capacity. Customers can also make changes to the design at the last minute without affecting the entire production process. An even bigger benefit is that end users can control short- or medium-run production instead of having to manufacture a large number of templates, which enables faster response to customer needs.

In terms of flexibility, laser tube cutting technology can process any shape that has been programmed, and the laser can cut in any direction. The shape of the template can be changed quickly without the help of any tools, which provides the possibility of processing competitive personalized packaging or logo.

Accuracy is also one of the strengths of digital systems. Processing with a laser pipe cutting machine can compensate for the errors existing in the processing process, such as the material may be stretched and deformed, and the laser pipe cutting machine can be adjusted according to these deformations.

What problems do customers encounter when using metal pipe laser cutting machines?

Laser tube cutting machine is a very precise high-level technology, and customers will also encounter some problems in the process of using it. The laser pipe cutting machine uses professional pipe cutting and nesting software to pre-program drawing, nesting, and blanking on the computer to generate a cutting program, and then perform full-stroke automatic laser cutting and blanking of large-length stainless steel pipes. Although professional pipe nesting technology has high cutting efficiency, programming nesting is more complicated, and if used improperly, it will cause pipe waste and low cutting efficiency.

At present, there are quality problems in the process of laser tube cutting, such as over-burning of the cutting point of the parts, over-burning of the corners of the parts, inclination of the cutting surface, and deformation or failure to close when cutting circular parts. This directly leads to serious waste of pipes and inefficiencies in the production of cutting pipes.

How to solve the problems in the cutting process of tube laser cutting machine?

When the laser pipe cutting machine cuts pipes (especially for square pipes with small diameters), the molten slag adheres to the inner wall of the pipe, and most of the heat generated by the cutting is absorbed by the workpiece. When the cutting density is high, it will often cause the pipe to be overheated, and the corners and the four corners of the square pipe will be overheated, which will seriously affect the quality of the incision, and even cannot be cut. For such issues:

1.The method of increasing the oxygen pressure.

2.Improve the speed of sharp corner synthesis through software.

3.The laser cutting head with height sensing follow-up system can ensure that during the cutting process, the height of the cutting nozzle and the surface plane of the workpiece remains unchanged (the focus remains unchanged), so that the cutting effect is not affected by the change of the workpiece surface.

In view of the above-mentioned solutions, the problems are solved in a targeted manner, which is bound to improve the efficiency of laser tube cutting processing equipment. Therefore, the problems of low pipe cutting efficiency, poor pipe cutting quality and serious waste of pipes are improved.If you want to learn more about tube laser cutter, please contact SENFENG.




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