How to Choose 6kw Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

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In practical applications, 6000W fiber laser cutting machine is the most common fiber laser cutting machine currently used. As a medium power laser cutting machine, it has great advantages in cutting thin plates and is the choice of many manufacturers. With so many products on the market, which one is better?

Senfeng's latest upgrade of 3015H full cover fiber laser cutter, equipped with 1000w-6000w laser generator,it is often be used to cut low carbon steel up to 25mm, stainless steel up to 16mm, aluminum alloy up to 12mm and brass up to 8mm, and the running speed can reach 130m/min.which has greater advantages compared with peers:

1. Constant temperature electric control cabinet, no need to be equipped with air-conditioning room, constant temperature and humidity, the service life of electrical components is guaranteed, and the cutting is more stable;

2. Aluminum profile auxiliary guide rail, compared with the traditional nylon auxiliary guide rail, the surface is very smooth, and the machine tool guard is more stable in the movement process;

3. We know that the 6000W fiber laser cutter will produce a lot of smoke under the working state, which seriously affects the health of the operators. Senfeng 3015H newly upgraded bed has

smoother flue path, and the smoke and dust can reach the indoor emission standard after being filtered by the dust collector.

4.The most important point, the size of the machine with the same format is smaller than that of its counterparts, The floor area is on average 12.5% smaller than the peers,whole machine fit in a 40HQ,and the transportation cost is greatly reduced;

5. The cutting area is larger than the same products in the market. Increase the width by 30mm and the length by 50mm.

To sum up, Senfeng 3015H is very cost-effective in terms of machine quality, transportation costs, cutting efficiency, etc. If you want to buy a 6kw fiber laser cutting machine, Senfeng 3015H must be your best choice.If you want to know more products, please contact senfeng.




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