How does the laser pipe cutting machine solve the problems of the metal furniture manufacturing industry

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In the production process of metal furniture, it involves the cutting of metal sheets and metal pipes, so metal laser cutting machines or laser pipe cutting machines are often used. Compared with the traditional processing methods, the laser cutting machine can provide a variety of furniture products with the same cost and output, and realize the diversification and multi-function of the products while requiring fine processing. At present, metal furniture has developed from the only beds and shelves in the past to different forms such as sofas, tables and chairs, and the application of metal pipes is becoming more and more extensive. Therefore, the role of laser pipe cutting machines in the entire metal furniture manufacturing industry is becoming more and more important.

The current problems faced by the metal furniture manufacturing industry are as follows:

1. The process is complex: The traditional manufacturing process of furniture pipe industry includes 9 processes: picking - sawing machine cutting - lathe processing - processing bevel - drilling position proofing punching - drilling - cleaning - welding.

2. Difficulty processing small pipes: The biggest problem in the processing of small pipes is that the rigidity of the pipe itself is low, and it is easy to deform after being subjected to external forces. The traditional processing procedures are all contact processing methods that force the shape of the pipe to be deformed by external force extrusion. By the final product stage, the surface of the pipe has been scratched or even deformed, which requires a second manual repair, which is time-consuming and labor-intensive

3. Poor processing accuracy: Under the traditional processing method of steel furniture pipes, the overall accuracy of the pipes cannot be guaranteed. Whether it is a sawing machine, a punching machine or a drilling machine, there are processing errors. Especially for processing equipment with a low degree of automation control, the more process sequences are turned, the greater the accumulation of processing errors.

4. Low processing efficiency: The sawing machine has certain advantages for simultaneous cutting and beveling of multiple pipes, but the cutting efficiency for the opening of pipes is extremely low. The punching machine has high batch punching efficiency for standard shape holes such as round holes and square holes, but there are many types of holes in the splicing and welding of pipes in the furniture industry, and the processing efficiency of the punching machine becomes very low. Drilling machines can generally only process circular holes, and the processing limitations are greater. The processing limitations and inefficiencies of each process create inefficiencies in the overall product output.

5. High labor cost: For sawing, punching, and drilling in traditional processing methods, the biggest feature is actually human intervention, and the operation of each equipment needs to be manually on duty. Especially for the processing of pipes, each link of feeding, positioning, processing operations, and reclaiming requires manual control. Therefore, the labor cost is extremely high.

The advantages of laser pipe cutting machine:

1. High pipe cutting efficiency

The laser pipe cutting machine only needs to input the required specifications into the computer, and the equipment can automatically, quickly and efficiently complete the cutting task, which avoids the error of manual cutting and ensures the consistency of cutting quality. Moreover, the incision is smooth and burr-free, and no secondary treatment is required. One machine has multiple functions, which greatly reduces the processing procedures and floor space, and reduces labor costs.

2. No deformation of the pipe

The tube laser cutting machine adopts a high-energy beam for non-contact cutting without any mechanical pressure on the workpiece. At the same time, the heat affected area of the laser pipe cutting machine is small, which will not cause deformation of the pipe.

3. Flexible processing to meet diverse production needs

Laser cutting can meet the processing of any pattern, and it is also suitable for a variety of pipes. Whether it is round pipe, square pipe, special-shaped pipe, etc., or carbon steel, stainless steel and other materials, pipe processing can be easily realized to meet the changing market demands.

4. Low operating cost, cost reduction and efficiency increase

Compared with traditional mechanical cutting machines, laser pipe cutting equipment does not require any extra consumables, has stable performance, low wear and longer life.

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