Handheld Laser Welding Machine for Kitchen Industry

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Hand held laser welding machine is widely used in the kitchen industry. Stainless steel materials is widely used in the kitchen industry, which has certain requirements for welding effect. So why does the public choose hand welding to weld kitchenware?

Hand held laser welding machine can overcome the limitation of workbench space. The operation is convenient and simple, and the welding joint can rotate without dead angle, which overcomes the inconvenience of traditional welding joint rotating in one direction. So,if it is applied to kitchenware industry,what will happen?

Fiber laser welding machine for kitchenware can save electric energy about 80% ~ 90%, Compared with arc welding. The processing cost can be reduced by about 30%. It can weld dissimilar steel and dissimilar metal, complete mechanization and automation. It has high speed, small deformation, small heat affected zone and high aspect ratio. The welding seam is beautiful, flat, no air hole, no treatment or simple treatment after welding, small spot, no pollution, high precision positioning. Hand held laser welding machine can be used for small parts and precision welding.

Because the heat input of laser welding is low, it is very small deformation after welding, and can get very beautiful welding surface effect, with few welding follow-up treatment, so it can greatly reduce the labor cost of polishing process.

In addition to widely used in the kitchen industry, it is also used in the welding of the following industries:

1. Laser welding of sheet metal, case and water tank

2. Laser sealing welding of kitchen, bathroom and hand basin hardware;

3. All kinds of hardware lamp laser welding

4. Door and window frame laser welding;

5. Laser welding of billboards and advertising words

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