Four Factors Affect Steel Laser Cutting Machine Price

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With the development of sheet metal processing market, the demand of steel laser cutting machine also increase, now there are various laser cutting machine manufacturers in the market, and the price of laser cutter are also different from each other, some of which are even far from each other. So what factors affect the steel laser cutter machine price? Next, SENFENG laser will share with you.
1. Production process level leads to different price
Due to the different market and the different production technology level in the production process of metal laser cutting machine, it also leads to the price gap between different manufacturers.
2. Configuration affects price
Different configuration cause the steel laser cutter price difference. The price is qualitative according to the quality of configuration. Good laser accessories can make the laser cutting machine have good performance, this will reduce the overall power consumption, so low heat and loss as well as low heat will not damage the substrate.So,your machine will have a long work lifespan.
3.  Different model machine with different price
Before purchasing the steel laser cutter, you need know the material, now the common laser cutting machine can be divided into: co2 laser cutter, fiber laser cutting machine, mixed laser cutting machine and other models, you need choose machine depends on your materials size, thickness, and metal or nonmetal,those different type laser machine have different price. 
4. Depends on quality and service.
The timeliness of after-sales service of good steel laser cutting machine manufacturers can guarantee our continuous production and won't let us suffer losses. However, some laser cutting machine manufacturers delay after-sales service and the quality of after-sales personnel is not high, which eventually leads to our production delay and loss,so,when you buy a laser machine,you’d better to consider the service and training factors. 
Finally, it is suggested that we should not only consider the price,but also consider the brand, quality, after-sales and other factors when purchasing a steel laser cutting machine. We suggest that the user can simply understand the basic knowledge before choosing the steel laser cutter, and then select the one that suitable for your business.

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