1.5KW Fiber Laser Cleaning Machine in Industrial Industry

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Laser cleaning is a new surface cleaning technology with significant advantages and a wide range of applications. Compared with the traditional cleaning method, it has good cleaning effect and high control accuracy. Laser cleaning machine can realize remote control, has the advantages of no consumables and maintenance, no pollution, cost reduction and efficiency enhancement. Under the background of industrial upgrading and environmental protection, 1.5kw fiber laser cleaning machine have the technical advantages to replace most conventional cleaning methods.

At present, 1.5kw fiber laser cleaner is widely used in the following industries:

1.Surface polishing and rust removal in steel manufacturing

1) When metals are exposed to a humid environment, they react with water to form ferrous oxide and rust. Rust reduces the quality of the metal, making it unsuitable for use in many applications.

2) On the other hand, during the heat treatment process, an oxide layer will be formed on the metal surface, which will discolor the metal surface and hinder subsequent finishing operations.

2. Clean the anode components

1) Dirt and other contaminants will increase the resistance of the anode, resulting in more battery power consumption.

2) Pollutants will also increase the consumption rate of the anode during the smelting process to shorten its life.

3. Prepare for metal bonding

1) In order to improve the quality of welding, the surface of the metal must be cleaned before applying welding and other joining techniques.

2) If the surface of the metal material is not cleaned, the joints and seams are prone to degradation, aggravation and even catastrophic failure.

4. Partially remove the coating

1) It can be used on almost all surface types, whether it is chemical anodized layer, oxide layer or organic coating.

2) Laser cleaning machines can remove coatings and paints in automobiles and other industries, while maintaining the integrity of the substrate material.

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