Common Applications of Industrial Laser Cleaner Machine

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The working principle of the laser cleaner 

It is mainly to ablate the rust, coating, oil and other surface substances on the surface of the product through the instant high temperature corrosion produced by the laser beam on the surface of the product. The laser cleaner machine has a wide range of applications and is basically suitable for any industry. Laser cleaner machine uses high-energy density laser beam to irradiate the surface of the workpiece, so that the dirt, rust or coating on the surface will evaporate or peel instantly, so as to achieve a clean, green, energy-saving and efficient industrial tool. It can quickly remove paint, rust removal, removal of oxides, oil stains, oil stains and product residues, restoration and preservation of historical cultural relics, etc.

laser cleaning principle

Senfeng leiming industrial laser cleaner machine effectively removes the adhesion or surface coating on the surface of the cleaning object at a high speed, so as to achieve a clean process. It is a new technology based on the interaction effect of laser and matter. It is different from traditional mechanical cleaning, chemical cleaning and ultrasonic cleaning (wet cleaning process). It does not require any CFC organic solvents that destroy the ozone layer and is pollution-free,no noise, harmless to the human body and the environment, it is a truly green cleaning technology.

Applications of industrial fiber laser cleaner machine in various industries

Laser cleaning technology (now we refer to the fiber laser cleaning)is often used in industrial manufacturing. In order to ensure the quality of the product, it is necessary to clean up the dirt, grease, dust, rust and other contaminants on the surface of the product during the production process. The following introduces the applications of industrial fiber laser cleaner machine in various industries.

Laser cleaning in the electronics industry

The electronics industry will use lasers to remove oxides, and the electronics industry is suitable for lasers to remove oxides. Before the circuit board is soldered, the component pins must be thoroughly deoxidized to ensure the effect of electrical contact, and the pins must not be damaged during the decontamination process. Laser cleaning can meet the requirements of use, and the efficiency is very high, a stitch only needs to be irradiated with the laser once.


Laser cleaner in pretreatment for brazing and welding

Laser welding preparation is one of the many applications of industrial laser cleaning, which helps to remove ferrous and non-ferrous metals, lubricants and other contaminants on metal and aluminum surfaces, and prepares for high-quality welding. It also ensures smooth and non-porous brazing seams.

Cleaning of the mold

The cleaning of tire molds during the production process must be rapid and reliable to save downtime. Because the fiber laser cleaning method can be connected with optical fibers to clean the dead corners of the mold or the parts that are not easy to clean, it is convenient to use.

laser cleaning mold

Laser rust cleaning machine in aerospace industry

After the aircraft has been working for a period of time, the surface of the aircraft needs to be repainted, so it is necessary to find a way to remove the old paint. Traditional mechanical cleaning and painting methods can easily damage the metal surface of the aircraft and bring hidden dangers to the aircraft. Using the laser cleaner equipment will not damage the surface. 

Shipbuilding industry

Laser cleaning before and after welding in shipbuilding; laser cleaning of the surface before painting; ship maintenance and repair

cleaning weld

Rail transit industry

Fiber laser cleaning for stainless steel train manufacturing; laser cleaning for aluminum alloy train manufacturing; laser cleaning for rail transit equipment maintenance and repair

Industrial laser cleaner in automobile manufacturing industry

Laser cleaning before welding of galvanized sheet; laser cleaning before and after welding of aluminum alloy.

Fiber laser cleaner in steel manufacturing industry

Laser derusting of steel surface; laser derusting of cold-rolled plate surface


Laser Cleaning of weapons

Laser cleaning technology is widely used in weapon maintenance. The laser cleaning system can remove rust and pollutants efficiently and quickly, and can select the removal part to realize the automation of cleaning. Using laser cleaning tool, not only the cleanliness is higher than the chemical cleaning process, but also almost no damage to the surface of the object.

By setting different parameters, a dense oxide protective film or molten metal layer can also be formed on the surface of the metal object to improve the surface strength and corrosion resistance. The waste material removed by the laser basically does not pollute the environment, and it can be operated remotely, effectively reducing the health damage to the operator.

Depending on the application, the pulse frequency, energy, and wavelength of the laser must be precisely selected to clean, polish, and ablate the target material. At the same time, it is necessary to prevent any form of damage to the base material.

How many types of laser cleaning equipments on the market?

Handheld laser rust removal machine is the most popular,which is easy operation and affordable.Senfeng leiming industrial laser cleaning machine is equipped with fiber laser,including 1000 watt laser cleaner,1500w fiber laser cleaner,2000w handheld laser rust removal.The higher power,the faster cleaning speed.

The above is the application of industrial laser cleaning machines in various industries. Compared with traditional cleaning technology, laser cleaning technology has great advantages in terms of economic benefits, cleaning effects or "green engineering", and has broad market prospects.

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