Characteristics and Application of Laser Cladding Machine

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Laser cladding technology, which is under the effect of laser beam, the alloy powder or ceramic powder and substrate surface heating and melting quickly, beam move since the chill was formed after dilution rate is extremely low, surface coating and substrate material is metallurgical combination, significantly improve the substrate surface wear-resisting, corrosion resistant, heat resistance, oxidation resistance and electrical characteristics of a surface strengthening method.

Laser cladding technology is a new technology with high economic benefits. It can prepare high-performance alloy surfaces on cheap metal substrates without affecting the properties of the substrate, reducing costs and saving precious and rare metal materials. Therefore, the world The advanced industrial countries in Shanghai attach great importance to the research and application of laser cladding technology.

Traditional techniques such as hard chromium electroplating, thermal spraying, and surfacing welding have their own limitations when applied to protect parts from corrosion and wear. Laser cladding is a relatively common alternative process, but due to insufficient cladding efficiency and cost Too high, use has certain limitations. The ultra-high-speed laser cladding technology will revolutionize the traditional coating preparation process. Compared with traditional processing methods, laser cladding machine has the following characteristics:

(1) The cooling rate is fast (up to 106K/s), which is a rapid solidification process. It is easy to get fine grain structure or produce new phases that cannot be obtained in equilibrium state, such as unstable phase, amorphous phase, etc;

(2) The coating has a low dilution rate (generally less than 5%), and is firmly metallurgical bonded with the substrate or interfacial diffusion bonded. By adjusting the laser process parameters, the coating with a low dilution rate can be obtained, and the coating composition and dilution are controllable;

(3) The heat input and distortion are small, especially when high power density is used for rapid cladding, the deformation can be reduced to the assembly tolerance of the parts;

(4) The thickness of the cladding layer is wide, and the thickness of a single powder feed is 0.2-2.0mm;

(5) Selective deposition can be carried out, less material consumption, with excellent cost performance;

(6) Beam targeting allows hard-to-reach areas to be deposited;

(7) The process is easy to be automated, which is very suitable for the wear repair of common wearing parts

The application of laser cladding is mainly in two aspects, namely corrosion resistance (including high temperature corrosion resistance) and wear resistance. Laser cladding  technology has a wide range of application and application fields, almost covering the whole machinery manufacturing industry, including coal, oil, electricity, railway, automobile, aviation, and other industries. Such as oil industry, the operating environment affect the equipment damage frequently, there is a lot of valves, centrifugal pumps, downhole tools, pumping unit, plunger pump, screw pump, compressor and other equipment and its accessories damaged or destroyed, the components are very expensive, involves the kinds of parts there are also many, most of them are very complex shape and fix up has the certain difficulty, But with the advent of laser cladding technology, these problems are no longer a problem.

Laser cladding solves the problems such as the limitation of material selection, the thermal stress, the thermal deformation in the process, the coarse grain size of the material, and the difficulty in guaranteeing the bonding strength with the matrix, which cannot be solved by the traditional repair method. It can even produce a metal surface superior to the substrate, which can effectively extend the service life of parts while restoring the use of parts, and greatly reduce the production cost of enterprises. If you want to know more about high speed laser cladding, please contact us.





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