Automatic Fiber Laser Tube Cutting Machine for Metal Guardrail

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As a metal protection tool, the guardrail is mostly made of stainless steel and other metal pipes, which not only guarantees beautiful appearance but also has practical value. As an efficient and high-quality metal processing tool, the automatic fiber tube laser cutting machine can be used for the cutting of guardrails, it is effectively improving the efficiency of tube processing.

SENFENG LEIMING Laser automatic tube laser cutter has an automatic feeding system, suitable for cutting various types of materials such as carbon steel pipes, stainless steel pipes, aluminum alloy pipes, square pipes, round pipes, rectangular pipes and other shapes of metal pipes.


Today, SENFENG LEIMING laser will show you there advantages of the application to pipe processing in the guardrail industry, let’s see it together.

1,Metal pipes such as round pipes and rectangular pipes can be fully loaded without manual intervention. Manually assisted semi-automatic feeding is possible for special-shaped pipes ;

2,Fast corner cutting system, fast cutting speed at the corner, greatly improving cutting efficiency;

3,Efficient blanking system, the workpiece after cutting can be automatically drop into your workpiece collection area after cutting, realizing full automatic intelligence.

It can be seen that automatic fiber tube laser cutting of metal pipes can replace mechanical drilling, milling, sawing, stamping, which require different equipment and tools to achieve cutting, chamfering and cutting of complex pipe structure,for example, cutting slots or holes, nicks.

With the rapid growth of global stainless steel pipe production and consumption, fiber laser pipe cutting equipment is rapidly spreading and automatic fiber laser cutting machines have a wide application markets and great business features.

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