Application of Ultra Large Laser Cutting Machine in Steel Structure Industry

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The steel structure processing industry has a wide application market for infrastructure construction. With the continuous development of the construction industry and the gradual improvement of production requirements, steel structures have been widely used in construction projects due to their own strength and seismic performance, as well as low-carbon environmental protection, short construction periods and other advantages. Steel structure buildings play an important role in promoting the transformation and upgrading of the construction industry and digesting excess steel capacity.

The steel structure industry chain is very large, here mainly refers to the midstream steel structure manufacturing. Steel structure manufacturing refers to the process of finishing steel plates and sections, including pre-deep design, lofting, blanking, assembly, welding, correction, rust removal, painting and other processes. Enterprises mainly engaged in the manufacture of steel structure products process steel plates, sections, steel pipes, and other steel materials into steel columns, beams and other steel components that meet engineering requirements, and transport them to the engineering site for installation. The steel structure adopts all-steel materials, and the manufacture of steel components and steel plate parts is closely linked with laser cutting technology.

As a new generation processing method, laser cutting is based on the use of high-energy density laser beams to rapidly cut workpieces. It has the characteristics of fast cutting speed, high precision and high degree of automation. Compared with traditional cutting methods, laser cutting has a very significant leading advantage in improving processing efficiency, ensuring processing accuracy and reducing labor costs.

Traditional steel structure cutting methods such as flame cutting, plasma cutting, etc., due to the large mechanical pressure and heat conduction during the cutting process, the cutting efficiency is low, the precision is not high, and the workpiece is easily deformed. Especially when cutting V-shaped grooves, U-shaped grooves, X-shaped grooves and other grooves, it is easy to cause problems such as deep cutting marks, low cutting accuracy, and rough cutting surface. This requires secondary processing, which is time-consuming and labor-intensive, and affects the quality consistency of steel structure products.‍

But why does Senfeng's large-format laser cutting machine have high compatibility with the manufacture of steel structure products?

Mainly, Senfeng ultra large laser cutting machine realizes thick plate cutting, whole plate cutting and bevel cutting with rich configuration and superior performance, which greatly improves the processing speed and product quality of steel structure. And Senfeng fiber laser cutting machine adopts non-contact processing method to quickly cut steel structure raw materials, and through computer intelligent control, the workpiece is cut, punched, grooved and other processing to achieve one-time processing and molding. The entire processing process is fast and efficient without excessive manual intervention. In addition, the laser cutting machine processing process has the function of automatically optimizing the layout, maximizing the utilization of the workpiece raw materials, saving materials and reducing waste. The cutting surface of the laser-cut steel structure is smooth without burrs and slag, and does not require secondary grinding, which greatly shortens the production process.

The large-format laser cutting machine is suitable for 6m-12m steel plate processing, and the laser cutting process does not require molds and other consumables. The equipment runs stably, has very low energy consumption, can run stably for a long time, and has a longer service life, which effectively reduces the production cost of the enterprise and improves the economic benefit of the enterprise. On the other hand, a large-format laser cutting machine can realize bevel cutting. The flexibility of laser cutting processing is very high, which can fully meet the rapidly changing market demand, shorten the research and development and production cycle of steel structure products, and provide a strong guarantee for the rapid launch of new steel structure products and the rapid production of new projects.

With the further mature application of laser cutting in the steel structure manufacturing industry, it can promote the construction steel structure industry into an era of rapid development. At the same time, the future market demand for laser cutting machines in this industry will be increasing. If you want to know more about laser cutting machine, please contact Senfeng.



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