Application of Laser Cleaning Technology in High-speed Railway Industry

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Because the track is exposed to the air all the year round and needs to face the natural environment of wind and rain, the track rust has always been a common problem in the track maintenance work. In order to ensure the smooth operation of trains, railway departments will carry out track derusting regularly. With the gradual increase of laser cleaning accuracy and efficiency, laser cleaning technology has become a reliable technology capable of cleaning a large number of different substrate surfaces, which is widely used in high-speed railway industry.

At present, rail derusting mainly depends on grinding derusting, manual derusting is the main way of rail maintenance, but its labor intensity is high, the operation is difficult and low efficiency.

Fiber Laser cleanner is a new cleaning method in recent years. Compared with the traditional cleaning method, the advantages of laser cleaning orbit are mainly reflected in the following aspects:

1.Safer: The laser cleaning equipment can realize the self-adaptive surface morphology of the light source of the rail and minimize the damage of the base material

2.More environmentally friendly: The laser cleaning equipment will not produce dust pollution during the cleaning process, which is green and environmentally friendly;

3.More convenient: The laser cleaning equipment can be operated by one person to further improve work efficiency and reduce cleaning cost.

Laser cleaning has the characteristics of high efficiency, no contact and no pollution. Compared with traditional methods, laser cleaning can effectively solve the problem of environmental pollution, reduce the labor intensity of workers, improve the processing quality, and add new power for China's high-speed railway industry. If you want to know more about fiber laser cleanner , please contact us.

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