Application of Laser Cleaning Machine in Precision Instruments

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Precision instruments often need to remove lubricants and corrosion-resistant esters on parts. The traditional way is generally to use chemical methods, that is, use chemical agents to remove. However, chemical cleaning often still has residues. The laser cleaning machine can completely remove esters and mineral oil without damaging the surface of the part. 

The following introduces the advantages of laser cleaning machine in precision instrument cleaning.

The fiber laser cleaning machine removes contaminants by shock waves. Explosive vaporization of the surface oxides on the parts forms shock waves to remove dirt, rather than mechanical interaction. 

The principle of laser cleaning technology is mainly to use the characteristics of high energy and high repetition frequency of laser, hitting high-energy beam on a small area on the surface of the object to be cleaned. Using the different laser absorption ability between the base material and the attachment, the attachment or coating on the surface of the object can be peeled off instantly.

The fiber laser cleaning machine does not need to use any chemicals when cleaning. The "soft and invisible" light will not cause "secondary damage" such as mechanical action on the equipment surface. The cleanliness is high, and the washed solid waste is easier to store and recycle. At the same time, the laser cleaning efficiency is high and the use cost is low. Although the initial investment of laser cleaning machine is relatively high, the machine can be used stably for a long time. The operating cost is low.

In the field of industrial applications, people continue to study the mechanism of laser cleaning. Surface quality monitoring and characterization methods are becoming more complete and comprehensive. The quality of laser cleaning has been greatly improved, and the cleaning accuracy have gradually increased.

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