Application of Laser Cladding in Steel Industry

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Cost reduction and efficiency increase are the ultimate goals pursued by enterprises. Throughout the technological history of the steel industry, many major technological breakthroughs, such as converter steelmaking, continuous casting, and continuous rolling, are primarily driven by cost reduction. At present, the metallurgical technology is quite mature. With the help of laser cladding, it can not only improve the performance of the core components of the metallurgical production line, but also repair the waste products and prolong the product life. At the same time, it can effectively reduce equipment maintenance and downtime, and improve production efficiency.

1.Flipper Guide Laser Cladding

Flipper guide is an important part of hot-rolled thick plate and strip production line. At present, the conventional flipper guide is seriously worn, and the service life of the bad section is not more than 24h, and it is easy to cause the phenomenon of sticking steel and accumulation, which greatly affects the production efficiency and strip quality. After laser cladding alloy material on the surface of the flipper guide, the service life of the flipper guide after processing is significantly improved, which effectively reduces the production cost.

2.Hearth Roller Laser Cladding

The hearth roll is used as a high-temperature slab transmission medium, and it works in a high-temperature environment full of corrosive gases for a long time. The surface of the roll ring in direct contact with the high temperature slab is prone to sticking, nodulation, oxidation, corrosion, wear, high temperature creep and other phenomena. In particular, various quality defects such as pits, scratches, and heavy skins on the lower surface of the slab caused by sticking steel and nodules are particularly prominent on mild steels such as silicon steel and cold-rolled raw materials. Through laser cladding, a layer of new materials with high temperature resistance, oxidation resistance and wear resistance can be clad on the surface of the roller ring, which can avoid the phenomenon of sticking steel, nodules or loose oxide peeling on the surface of the roller ring, thereby effectively improving the economic efficiency of the production line.

3.Mill Arch Laser Cladding

The rolling mill archway is the key equipment in the hot rolling machinery. The surface is corroded to produce gaps, which affects the control of the plate shape and has a great impact on the product quality. By cladding the alloy layer on the rolling mill archway frame by laser, the original appearance can be restored without deformation, which effectively enhances the wear resistance of the sliding plate mounting surface of the rolling mill and prolongs the service life.

4. Gear Spindle Sleeve Laser Cladding

The mechanical main drive system of the finishing mill is frequently started and braked, resulting in a short service life of the gear spindle sleeve and many failures. Laser cladding is used to remanufacture the main drive gear spindle sleeve of the rolling mill. The results of on-machine use show that the wear amount of the laser cladding gear spindle sleeve is very small, and the service life is significantly improved.

In addition, laser cladding technology is also used in the repair of rolling mill drive shafts, gear shafts, traveling wheels, scissors, hollow rollers, and reducer housings. Laser cladding technology has the advantages of excellent comprehensive performance, high material utilization rate, and high flexibility. It can not only restore the size of damaged parts, but also make its performance reach or even exceed the level of new products. At present, it has been widely used in iron and steel enterprises. SENFENG laser cladding provides the best solution to extend equipment life. If you want to learn more about laser cladding machine, please contact SENFENG.


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