Application of Laser Cladding in Repairing Agricultural Machinery

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According to statistics, in 2000 our country agricultural mechanization degree already reached 48%. However, there is still a big gap between China and developed countries in terms of product reliability, safety, durability and adaptability due to the low level of agricultural mechanization manufacturing technology in China. For the traditional agriculture which develops relatively slowly, the advanced laser technology is applied to the agricultural field, among which the most eye-catching is the laser cladding technology for the repair and strengthening of agricultural machinery.

Laser cladding is a surface modification technology of substrate. Through the preset cladding path, using a laser irradiation in the surface layers of the cladding material and substrate laser through rapid melt into the molten pool, and then rapidly solidified into a layer of metallurgical bonding, low dilution degrees of cladding layer, which can carry on the in situ repair of mechanical parts, or improve the original on the surface of the substrate material wear-resisting, corrosion resistant, heat resistant, antioxidant and other properties of cladding process method.

Compared with traditional processing technology, laser cladding technology has the following characteristics:

1. The cladding layer and the substrate can form a metallurgical bond;

2. The substrate is less affected by heat and is not easily deformed;

3. The dilution rate of the cladding layer is low, saving expensive cladding materials;

4. The thickness of the cladding layer can be controlled;

5. It can repair specific parts of parts and parts that are difficult to handle by other methods.

It is necessary to pretreat the surface of agricultural machinery parts before repairing them by cladding. Due to the harsh working environment of agricultural machinery, the surface of agricultural machinery parts often contains soil, oil, water, fertilizer, pesticide, rust, oxide layer, etc., so the repair of parts is more complicated than that of other fields. For parts of agricultural machinery, the general operation is to touch the soil farming parts to first wash the surface dirt, if the dirt on the damaged surface is firm, can use mechanical sandblasting method to clean, and the engine, rotating shaft and other parts are cleaned with detergent to remove the oil. Then the cladding surface is polished with sandpaper and cleaned with acetone, so as to avoid the defects caused by surface stains entering the cladding layer during laser cladding and affecting the quality and performance of the cladding layer.

The main techniques of traditional agricultural machinery repair are heat treatment, chromizing and arc spraying, but they are difficult to meet the requirements of wear resistance, corrosion resistance and pollution-free agricultural machinery. With the continuous development of laser cladding technology, the performance of cladding coating prepared is becoming more and more excellent, laser cladding technology can not only be used to repair the damaged parts, but also can be used to strengthen the performance of existing agricultural machinery parts.

The use of agricultural machinery is high, the working environment is poor, many agricultural machinery parts in the long-term use of overload operation state, so it is easy to appear plastic deformation, wear, crack, corrosion and other problems. In situ repair is refers to a specific defect parts processing, to restore its original size and laser cladding is one of the major of in situ remediation technologies, because of the repair parts is not easy to deformation, cooling speed, high precision and good performance advantages, has been in the field of agricultural machinery repair has been widely used. For example, gear parts in the process of agricultural machinery operation, will be affected by strong alternating stress, easy to cause flanging, gnawing, deformation and other problems, using laser cladding technology can make the defect of gear to restore the original size.

Although there are still some difficulties in the application of laser cladding technology in agricultural machinery repair and strengthening, it is believed that in the near future, laser cladding technology can be widely used in the field of agricultural machinery repair and strengthening, providing a strong guarantee for the process of agricultural mechanization in China. If you want to know more about metal cladding machine, please contact senfeng.




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