Application of Fiber Laser Technology in Ships

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Since the advent of laser technology, it has been widely concerned by the society, known as one of the four great inventions in the 20th century. In recent years, the power of laser has been increasing, and its application has gradually penetrated into the field of heavy industrial manufacturing. In the shipbuilding industry, laser cutting, welding and cleaning processes have begun to replace some existing processes, which has brought a certain impact on the entire shipbuilding industry.

Application of metal plate cutting machine in the shipbuilding industry

The shipbuilding industry has very high requirements on the accuracy of the ship segment transfer, and the gap of the frame transfer must be controlled within 1mm. Traditional shipbuilding generally uses plasma cutting to blank the ribs. In order to ensure the marking of the assembly gap, trimming allowances are set on the ribs. It is necessary to perform manual repair on site during on-site assembly, and the final trimmed The quality is uneven. Manual cutting will lead to residual oxides in the slit, but also increase the assembly workload, prolong the assembly cycle, resulting in a large extension of the entire section construction cycle.

 In the shipbuilding industry, the cutting methods of hull plate parts mainly include flame cutting, plasma cutting, shearing and laser cutting. Compared with metal plate cutting machine, other cutting methods have shortcomings in many aspects, such as wide slits, poor cutting accuracy, easy to produce harmful gases and pollute the environment. The laser-cut marine steel plate has good slit quality, good verticality of the cut surface, no slag, thin oxide layer, smooth surface, and no secondary processing. It can be directly welded, with small thermal deformation, high curve cutting, reducing man-hours, and achieving barrier-free cutting of high-strength ship plates.

Application of steel laser welding machine in shipbuilding industry

Since the 21st century, with the rapid development of advanced manufacturing technology, higher requirements have been put forward for the development of ship welding technology, which has resulted in a qualitative leap in both breadth and depth of ship welding technology.  Traditional processing methods have appearance defects such as undercuts, weld bumps, depressions and welding deformations, and sometimes surface pores and surface cracks. The root part of single-sided welding is not penetrated, and the welding is prone to pores and slag inclusions. Laser welding can carry out more precise and in-depth welding. The hull components are well matched and can quickly form profiles. The welding environment is low, the welding is more flexible, and close contact is avoided, so that construction safety is better guaranteed.

Application of fiber laser cleaning machine in shipbuilding industry

After a long time of use, ships are prone to aging, corrosion and other phenomena. Therefore, some technology is needed to renovate the hull. Traditional way is to use sand blasting process for processing, relatively mature, high efficiency, but its technology has defects, such as in the pretreatment of the roughing degree is beyond the standard. For a long time engaged in sand blasting operations workers body damage, pollution is serious, is greatly on the consumption of water electric power and artificial, relative to the sand blasting, chemical cleaning, polishing machine and other traditional cleaning method, laser cleaning has the basement without damage, accurate control, energy conservation and environmental protection of many advantages, such as will clamp down on some of the traditional cleaning method in the field of industry.

 In the future, China's laser technology will continue to improve, constantly improve the process technology, play its value in various fields, and replace those hazardous process technologies. If you want to know more about laser products, please contact senfeng.

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