Application of Fiber Laser Metal Cutter in Food Machinery

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Food machinery is one of the products in direct contact with it in the process of food production, its quality directly affects food safety. To remain invincible in the international market, food production must be mechanized, automated, specialized and large-scale, free from traditional manual labor and workshop operations, and improve hygiene, safety and production efficiency.

Compared with the traditional processing technology, fiber laser cutter  has outstanding advantages in food machinery production. Traditional processing methods require mold opening, stamping, plate cutting, bending and other links, low work efficiency, high consumption of molds, high cost of use, seriously hindering the pace of innovation and development of the food machinery industry.

Here are some advantages oflaser metal cutting machine applied in food machinery:

1. Safety and health: laser cutting is a non-contact processing, suitable for food machinery production;

2. Fine cutting seam: the cutting seam of laser cutting is generally 0.10 ~ 0.20 mm;

3. Smooth cutting surface: The laser cutting surface has no burrs and can be used to cut plates of various thicknesses without secondary processing to create high-grade food machinery;

4. Fast speed, effectively improving the production efficiency of food machinery;

5. Laser cutting does not require any mold manufacturing, greatly reducing production costs;

6. aterial saving: Laser processing using computer programming, can be different shape of the product material set, maximize the utilization of materials, reduce the cost of food machinery production.


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