Application of 3015 CNC Laser Cutting Machine in Kitchenware Industry

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Kitchenware is a household necessities. With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, the requirements for household kitchenware are also increasing.

However, traditional kitchenware processing methods such as cooling, plate cutting, etc., have high environmental pollution and many burrs, and subsequent processing is laborious and laborious. At the same time, the traditional process requires a large number of molds, long design and manufacturing cycles, low work efficiency, and high costs have been plagued by the development of the kitchenware industry.

Fiber laser cutting machine has good beam quality, high precision, small slot, save material, cut surface is smooth and safe operation and a series of characteristic, can quickly and well completion of any graphic sheet material under the stainless steel material, reducing the number of skilled workers, to eliminate the pressure of rising labor costs, and also greatly improve the work efficiency.

Using  3015 CNC Laser Cutting Machine can not only solve the above-mentioned problems that have been plagued by kitchenware manufacturers, but also can quickly and easily realize processing samples on the panel, reducing the cost of new product development and shortening the development cycle of new products. At the same time, the precision of the laser processing equipment when cutting materials is extremely high, which improves the yield of kitchen utensils and reduces the loss of materials. For some special-shaped products, the laser cutting machine has unique advantages.

Laser cutting is suitable for all kinds of metal plates and pipes, and its laser cutting application industries are very extensive; such as: metal handicraft industry, kitchenware industry, lighting industry, pipe processing industry, cabinet processing industry and other corresponding metal hardware tool industries. If you want to know more about our products, please contact senfeng.

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