Application Of 2KW Fiber Laser Welder In Automobile Manufacturing

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Laser welding has been researched since the birth of lasers in the 1960s, from the initial welding of small parts to the high-power laser welding in industrial production. Laser welding has the advantages of high energy density, small deformation, narrow heat-affected zone, high welding speed, easy automatic control, and no subsequent processing. In recent years, it is becoming an important means of metal material processing and manufacturing.More and more widely used in automotive, aerospace, defense industry, shipbuilding, marine engineering, nuclear power equipment and other fields.2KW fiber laser welder is very suitable for large-scale production lines and flexible manufacturing. Automobile manufacturing is currently the largest industry using laser welding technology in industrial production, from automobile parts production to body manufacturing, laser welding has become one of the most important welding methods in automobile manufacturing. Its characteristics and advantages provide manufacturers with attractive economic prospects.The following is an introduction to the typical applications of laser welding in the field of automotive parts and body manufacturing.

The application of  2KW fiber laser welder in automobile manufacture begins with the gear welding of gearbox. The gear after welding is not deformed, does not need post-weld heat treatment, and the welding speed is greatly improved, so it is applied quickly. Laser welding has been widely used in the production of automobile parts, including exhaust system (manifold, exhaust pipe, muffler, etc.) , transmission dual-gear, shock absorber cylinder, filter, door dumpling chain.

The automobile manufacturing industry uses laser welding machines to process thin steel plates and steel plates of unequal thickness, and makes full use of the excellent characteristics of laser welding seam performance. After welding, it is stamped and formed without cracking.

On the one hand, because of the different forces on different parts of the car body, the requirements for strength and rigidity are also different.In order to reduce the weight of the car body, plates with different thicknesses, different types of steel or different surface treatment methods are often selected according to the actual needs of each part and welded together by laser as the blank before stamping.

Compared with traditional welding and fusion welding processes, this brings many advantages:

Fiber laser welding machine price is cheap, no consumables, low input cost, and can benefit in a period of time. The machining accuracy is improved. The high temperature area of the laser welding seam will react due to heat. The width of the laser welding seam is relatively narrow, and the thermal deformation is very small.The power and size of the laser can be adjusted according to the processing requirements.When using 2kw fiber laser welder, the laser can be flexibly transported away from the operation, so that the energy source and the processing equipment can be separated from the space to improve safety.

In developed industrial countries, 50% to 70% of auto parts are processed by laser. Laser welding has become a standard process in the automotive industry.Laser welding technology can ensure that the solder joints are connected to the molecular level, which effectively improves the rigidity and collision safety of the car body, while effectively reducing the noise in the car.Laser welding technology can ensure that the solder joints are connected to the molecular level, which effectively improves the rigidity and collision safety of the car body, while effectively reducing the noise in the car.

To sum up, the laser welding machine can meet the processing of various materials on the automobile, improve the overall performance of the automobile, reduce the production cost, and improve the production efficiency.Senfeng leiming laser is a professional laser welding machine suppliers.If you have any requirements,just contact us.We will prove you the best fiber laser welding machine price and service.




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