Application Field and Development Trend of Senfeng Laser Cladding Machine

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The laser cladding process has a wide range of applications. Its diversity, ductility, and adaptability have unparalleled advantages over other processes. The laser cladding system not only establishes the need for specific functions on the surface of the raw material, but also It saves a lot of valuable elements and is very popular in the industry.Nowadays, laser cladding technology has been developed and widely used in industry, such as petroleum, ship, aerospace, engineering machinery and nuclear power.The development of senfeng laser cladding machine is becoming more and more mature.The principle of using a laser to process a substance is to use a high-density energy beam to process it quickly and locally, so that it can achieve the performance required by the target. The most widely used technology is laser surface modification. Laser cladding is one of several laser surface modification technologies.

Laser cladding equipment in Coal Mining Field

In the coal industry, due to the harsh production environment, the functional requirements of coal mining machinery parts are relatively high. The main effective form of the hydraulic column is the scratches of the coating and the peeling of the coating, which will seriously interfere with the function and service life of the product, and it needs to be repaired as a whole.The plating layer adopts a highly polluting electroplating process, and electroplating is one of the traditional processes which is being replaced gradually in our country.The anticorrosive surface of the column adopts the process of laser cladding stainless steel layer. The laser cladding hydraulic support column is a high-end technical product, which effectively improves the anti-corrosion function of the column and increases the service life. Therefore, the use of laser cladding equipment to strengthen the hydraulic column is very important in the industry, and it is also an environmentally friendly and recyclable high-tech supported by the state, which can replace the traditional electroplating process.

Metal additive manufacturing processes in Electricity Industry

The shaft journal of the steam turbine rotor of a power plant is worn under certain working conditions. At the same time, the final stage and the last stage blades of the steam turbine often form gas turbidity under the conditions of working in a high temperature environment for a period of time. The steam turbine is a relatively large-scale equipment, which is not convenient for transportation and requires high-reliability laser in-situ repair technology.Due to the special working conditions of high temperature and high heat, the damaged parts of the unit need to be repaired regularly every year, such as the spindle diameter, moving blades and so on.Gas turbines are often damaged due to their working under high temperature conditions as high as 1300°C. Using metal additive manufacturing processes to repair all its defects and restore its performance, the cost is only 1/10 of the price of the new unit.

Laser cladding system in Aerospace Field

laser cladding system is an important material surface modification technology. In the aviation field, the price of spare parts for aero engines is very high, so it is more cost-effective to repair parts in many cases. However, the quality of the repaired parts must meet the safety requirements. For example, when damage occurs on the surface of an aircraft propeller blade, some surface treatment technology must be used to repair it. In addition to considering the high strength and high fatigue resistance required by the propeller blades, the corrosion resistance after surface repair must also be considered. Laser cladding technology can be well used for laser three-dimensional surface cladding repair of engine blades.

Senfeng laser cladding machine in Petroleum Exploration Field

In the petrochemical industry, due to the long-term harsh production environment of equipment,it is more easy to cause serious corrosion and wear of the parts and components,which will lead to complete scrapping of larger and expensive parts, such as drill collars, non-magnetic drill collars, centralizers and vibrations.Therefore, under the function of laser cladding technical reproduction, many parts can be restored to their original functions, and the service life of many parts can be strengthened.

Laser cladding technology is a high-tech surface modification technology and equipment maintenance technology. It integrates material preparation and surface configuration. It is one of the key supporting technologies for green remanufacturing technology.

After continuous research and testing, Senfeng has mastered the core technology of laser cladding by processing tests with customers in many industries. If you need senfeng laser cladding machine, please contact us. We will show you more industry applications.




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