Application Advantages of Laser Welding Machine in Aluminum Alloy Products

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Aluminum alloy products as a common raw materials of industrial products, its power is important to reduce the body, prevent corrosion, and so on, now the application range is very common. Especially in automobile manufacturing, such as engine, wheel, instrument panel, etc. The processing methods involved are welding and cutting. Due to the outstanding performance of steel laser welding machine, it not only improves the processing efficiency, but also has a good welding effect, which helps to improve the technological level of the industry.

Aluminum alloy is a kind of non-ferrous metal, has a very strong reflectance to all kinds of light, the surface is easy to form a refractory oxide film, the use of ordinary welding methods in the weld easy to form not fusion, inclusion, porosity, crystallization cracks and other defects. Laser as a more intense beam, in the surface of aluminum alloy is more likely to cause reflection, in other words, aluminum alloy this non-ferrous metal has a high reflectivity and small absorption rate for laser.In addition, metals have thermal conductivity, so aluminum alloy also has a strong thermal conductivity, easy to use when laser welding, laser reflection or the heat of the laser is quickly transferred out, eventually leading to the failure of aluminum alloy welding.

Because the laser beam of aluminum alloy products is realized by pulsed or continuous laser beam, when the laser beam directly irradiates the surface of aluminum alloy, it can quickly diffuse the heat of the metal surface to the inside of the aluminum alloy, making the aluminum alloy The rapid melting forms a weld, and at the same time a reaction force is formed on the melted metal, which dents the surface of the molten aluminum alloy to form small holes.

Application advantages of fiber laser welding in aluminum alloy products:

1. High energy density, low heat input, small thermal deformation, narrow melting zone and heat-affected zone, and large penetration depth;

2. High cooling rate and fine weld microstructure, good joint performance;

3. Compared with contact welding, laser welding does not use electrodes, so it reduces the time and cost;

4. The vacuum atmosphere during electron beam welding is not required, and the shielding gas and pressure are optional. The shape of the welding parts is not affected by electromagnetic field and does not produce X-rays;

5. It can weld the metal material inside the closed and transparent object;

6. The laser can be transmitted long-distance by optical fiber, so that the process is adaptable. With the computer and manipulator, the welding process can be automated and precise control.

The above is the application of laser welding machine to aluminum alloy products. With the improvement of the popularization level of laser processing applications, laser welding machines are used to weld aluminum alloy products. The heat input is small and the heat source is concentrated, especially after the advent of fiber laser welding machines. , The energy density of laser welding is more concentrated, the laser wavelength is shorter, and the high reflection is improved. Through the laser wire filling process, the forming effect of aluminum alloy welding can be significantly improved, and the welding quality is improved. If you want to know more about steel laser welding machine, please contact senfeng. 





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