Top Five Benefits of Laser Welding Machine

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Laser welding machine, as one kind of automatic welding machine, has become very popular in recent years. For the majority manufacturers who still use traditional argon arc welding machine, the knowledge of laser welding machine is quite deficient. Let’s first see what a laser welding machine is.


Fiber laser welding machine is the laser device that can create a strong joint between two parts or materials, of the same or different nature, such as various metals, including steel, copper and aluminium. Compared with argon arc welding, fiber laser welding is a much better solution for industries all over the world moving towards more elaborate but stronger materials in their goods and products, such as everything from electronics to automobiles and aerospace.


To help new users understand why Laser technology is the best welding solution for manufacturing companies, we have summarize the top five benefits for you here:


1) High standard precision

One of the main benefits of Laser welding is that it provides very high level of precision and control. The fact Laser technology is so accurate means that it can be used to weld the parts in small sizes together, without leaving any damage to the material afterwards.


2) Greatly save labor cost

Take the argon arc welding machine as an example: a professional welder is needed for the argon arc welding machine, while a general worker with simple training can be qualified for using the handheld laser welding machine. A professional costs twice as much as a general operator, not mentioning the welding speed of electric welding is 2-10 times faster than that of traditional electric welding. So the use of one equipment can save the labor cost of at least two welders a year. When it comes to machine maintenance, the cost the laser welding machine can be negligible. This contributes to the no need of re-alignment and makes it a competitive industrial tool for modern manufactures.


3) Application of low heat

In order to minimize the distortion of the components you are working on, low heat operation is applied in laser welding technology. Lasers allows for contact-free application by using very localized energy, so less thermal strain will be left on the parts. So for some industries specialized in luxury products, this has become the preferred method of welding, such as customized jewellery.


4) Dissimilar materials welding


You can weld dissimilar materials by using laser welding machine, as well as areas which would be so difficult that we cannot use more traditional welding techniques. Compared with traditional methods, laser welding is capable of handling complicated joins. Due to the high level of electrical conductivity, stainless steel and copper are often welded together. We can also combine aluminium and copper together, which is especially used for the batteries in electric cars. Batteries manufactures are one of the main force of this industry, and so they are in demanding needs of dissimilar metal welding. The two combinations listed can help to create batteries, as does the combination of aluminium and manganese.


5) High strength welds

High strength welds can be realized by laser welding machines for manufacturers. You don’t have to add a filler material to strengthen the effect. Lasers provide excellent weld quality and clean processing, which is why they are favoured by manufacturers, particularly in the medical industry where the safety of medical devices and parts is paramount.


If you are looking for a more advanced welding solution for your business, then look no further than laser welding machine. Not only do lasers create more reliable and stronger welds, but also the cost of labor and time is significantly reduced to help businesses to increase the efficiency of their manufacturing process, while keeping investment to a minimum. Senfeng, as one of the leading company in the laser device industry, will be your perfect choice. Contact us to equip your business with modern manufacture system.


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