Three focus modes of metal laser cutter machine

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The application of metal laser cutter machine is more and more popular. When we use this machine to process different workpieces, we should adopt different focus modes to get the most quality cutting. Today SENFENG LEIMING LASER will introduce three focus modes of metal laser cutter machine to you.

1. The cutting focus is above the workpiece

This is also called negative focal length, because the cutting point is neither located on the surface of the cutting material, nor inside the cutting material, but located above the cutting material. This focus mode is mainly suitable for cutting high thickness materials. However, a disadvantage of this mode is that the cutting surface is relatively rough and not very practical for high precision cutting. 

2. The cutting focus is inside the workpiece

This is also called focal length, this mode commonly used when you cut stainless steel or aluminum steel workpieces. But the disadvantages of this focus mode are requiring large airflow, sufficient temperature and longer piercing time. So when you process high hardness materials such as stainless steel or aluminum workpieces, you can choose this focus mode.  

3. Cutting focus is on the workpiece surface

This method is also called 0 focal length, generally used in SPC, SPH, SS41 and other workpieces, when using this mode, the cutting machine focus is on the surface of the workpiece. In this mode, the workpiece upper and lower surface smoothness is different. Therefore, this mode should be used according to the process requirements.

To sum up, we should use different focus modes to process different workpieces with metal laser cutter machine, which can give full play to its advantages. For more useful knowledge about our machine, feel free to contact us.

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