Summary of fiber optics laser cutter perforation methods

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When using fiber optics laser cutter to process metal sheet, generally, the first step is using machine to punch a small hole, then it can continue cutting, there are two methods to perforate, today i will introduce fiber optics laser cutter perforation methods to you.

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First, blasting perforation

After continuous laser irradiation, a pit is formed in the center of the cutting material, then the oxygen flow quickly removes the molten material and forms a hole. Generally, the hole size is related to plate thickness, the average diameter of the blasting perforation is half of the plate thickness. Therefore, for thicker plates, the blasting hole diameter is larger than thin plates. So it is not suitable for using such perforation methods on parts which have high machining accuracy requirements.
Second, pulse perforation

Using pulse laser with high peak power to melt or vaporize a small amount of materials, each pulse laser produces only a small jet of particles, step by step, so it takes a few seconds for the thick plate to be penetrated gradually. Once the perforation is completed, replace the auxiliary gas to oxygen for cutting immediately. In this way, the diameter of perforation is smaller and the quality of pulse perforation is better than that of blasting perforation. In addition, pulse perforation also requires a more reliable gas path control system to achieve the switching of gas type, gas pressure, and perforation time.

In the case of using pulse perforation, to improve the quality of the incision, we must pay attention to the transition technology from pulse perforation when the work-piece is stationary to constant cutting. At present, in the industrial production, we mainly use the method of changing the average laser power to improve the perforation effect. The specific method is to change the pulse width, pulse frequency, or change the pulse width and frequency at the same time. 

These are two perforation methods of fiber optics laser cutting machine. To get more useful knowledge about our machine, just contact us soon.

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