Laser cladding machine


The robot cladding workstation is mainly composed of six-axis industrial robot, rollover tooling, biaxial positioner, robot walking axis, workbench, laser, powder feeder, cladding and human-machine interface control system.
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Robot cladding workstation

Laser Power


Fiber core diameter








Load capacity


Repeat positioning accuracy


Flip tooling 

Maximum load capacity(Have a roller)

10 T

Maximum workpiece diameter


Maximum weight of clamping workpiece(Without the roller)

3 T

Spindle speed

0~150 RPM

Maximum length of workpiece

5 m

Biaxial positioner

Load capacity


X axis rotation speed

0-20 RPM

Variable position angle(Relative vertical direction)


Four-jaw independent chuck


Powder feeder

Double barrel pneumatic powder feed

Cladding head

Optical path shaping module, three-way powder feeding nozzle, coaxial annular nozzle

Robot walking axis


4 meters 

Laser Cladding

Laser cladding technology uses high-energy laser beam as the heat source to prepare high-performance protective coating by cladding powder materials on the surface of parts, so as to improve surface hardness, abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, high temperature resistance and other properties of materials, and to improve the service life, production efficiency and product quality of parts.

Robot cladding workstation

 It can be equipped with up to 20kW fiber laser, the maximum diameter of axial workpiece is 1 meter, the maximum length is 5 meters, and the maximum

 weight is 10 tons. The whole machine system is stable, easy to operate, easy to maintain, can be used for one machine, 

can realize the shaft surface, curved surface, profiled parts.


New coating technology, high bonding strength

Adopting the industry's new coating technology, compared with traditional industries such as surfacing, spraying, electroplating and vapor deposition, it has the characteristics of low dilution, structure density, combination of coating and substrate, and large content changes.


Wear and resistance

Through various mechanical equipment accessories wear, corrosion resistance, break, crack, scratch, machining out of tolerance, casting defects, leakage and other repair.


High cost performance

It can carry out selective cladding, consumes less material, saves precious and rare metal materials, effectively restores and improves the performance of the equipment, and extends the service life of the equipment to 2-3 times.

High degree of automation

The coating quality is stable, it has the characteristics of fast cooling speed, dense structure, and good combination of coating and substrate.




The robot cladding workstation is mainly suitable for surface modification of materials, surface repair of products and prototype manufacturing. It is widely used in coal, metallurgy, offshore platform, papermaking, domestic household appliances, automobile, ship, petroleum and other industries.


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