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After going through all the advantages of laser cladding technology, you might consider it into your next purchase plan. There are quite some models for you to select, each has its different features and applies to various working conditions. Don’t get lost in the bombarding ads, you deserve to get the solution that can really help you with your business. Today, I am gonna recommend three of our hot sale model for your reference.


First, it’s high-speed laser cladding machine with very fast rotate speed. Round laser spot with diameter of 3 mm is adopted. A small spot like this can generate very little heat zone to avoid deformation. It functions best to repair tubes with diameter less than 120mm and length less than 1m. It’s highly adaptive and applies to workpieces with different shapes. If you are in the metal components repair business, this is your best choice. 


The second series is called highly-effective cladding machine. It adopts rectangular laser spot with width of 20mm, so the efficiency is quite impressive. The cladding area is 8 times larger than using round spot within the same time. It is widely used in mining industry and mainly for the repair of rollers and shafts. It is easier to operate and almost no need for maintenance. It’s a model that we recommend the most as we also do cladding repair business for some mining corporations in China, and quoting the operators in our production base, “it is the best machine ever, I mastered the operation within 3 days!’’  


These two models are with similar configurations, which can meet the coating manufacturing and rapid repair application of shaft parts in various specifications. They are mainly used in coal mining, machinery manufacturing, printing industry, food industry and other fields. The servo bus control system is adopted, and the worktable is made of high-strength and high-quality cast iron materials to ensure the stability and accuracy of the machine tool operation. The high-speed rotating headstock adopts stepless speed change design, which is simple and quick to operate. It has a follow-up powder receiving tray design, which is convenient for quick powder collection. Main components like high-power fiber lasers, high-speed laser cladding heads and high-speed laser cladding nozzles are all self researched and developed, which can achieve high-efficiency and high-precision cladding processing of workpieces. The difference between these two models is that they adopt different spot shapes.


Lastly, it’s our robot flexible cladding system, which is a large-scale laser manufacturing equipment independently developed by Senfeng Laser based on industrial six-axis robots. The equipment is mainly composed of a six-axis industrial robot, a two-axis positioner, laser source, a laser cladding head and human-machine interface control systems. The machine system is stable, easy to operate, easy to maintain, and can be used for multiple purposes. It can realize the quenching of shaft surfaces, curved surfaces and special-shaped parts. The robot flexible hardening system has complete functions, diverse performances, and strong versatility. It is suitable for laser cladding processing of simple surfaces such as shafts and planes, and also perfect for processing complex surfaces such as balls and curved surfaces.


Moreover, different from other laser machines, you’ll need some professional guidance when it comes to the option of cladding powder. It depends on the base material and the effect your would like to achieve. Our R&D department has been devoted to the research of powder composition to provide tailor-made solutions not only to achieve 3-5 times longer life but also to keep it to the minimal cost. Get a new solution, and get it from the most professional team!

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