Maintenance of Fiber Laser Welding Machine in Summer

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Now is probably the hottest time of the year, with the sun burning and high temperature. Even human beings need some adjustment and restoration, let alone the laser machines! Have you detected any output laser power decreased, and even sometimes a direct strike due to the increase of the temperature? Would you like to know why that is? SENFENG LEIMING laser today for you to unveil the laser welding machine strike mystery! 


First of all, the cooling function is mainly performed by the water chiller. If the temperature difference is large between that in water chiller and the room temperature, the vapor in the operation room will liquefy and adhere to the surface of the laser when it meets the cold laser. These water mists will reduce the laser output power and stability, and if you don’t notice the excessive vapor on the leaser head, it will cause the machine to strike. So how to solve this problem?


As a matter of fact, we need to do some routine maintenance to our laser welding machine no matter in summer or winter. The temperature of the water tank needs to be adjusted so that the room temperature will not be too hot or too cold to affect the laser output power. It is suggested that the temperature of the water tank should be 3~5 degrees lower than the room temperature, which can not only ensure the power of laser light but also guarantee the stability of laser light.


In summer, error rate for laser welding machine are high. The statistics shows that the operation sequence of users and the operating environment of the equipment are the main causes to most of the faults. In order to prevent this kind of situation from recurring and reduce the loss caused , we should take preventive measures.


This measure is mainly to prevent the condensation of electronic or optical elements inside the laser welding machine, which can be divided into the following points specifically :


1) Seal the cabin

The cabin of the fiber laser welding machine adopts a closed design with a cabinet air conditioner or dehumidifier installed to ensure a relatively stable and safe temperature and humidity environment. If the cabin is not sealed, the air outside with high temperature and high humidity would enter. When it meets the components with internal water cooling, it will condense on the surface, which would cause possible damage. We should pay attention to the following aspects when inspecting the enclosure:


a. if the cabinet doors are closed and secured


b. if the protection cover of the unused communication control interface at the back of the chassis is properly covered


c. if the lifting bolts at the top are tightened



2) Set the laser welding machine on and off by rules

Because cabin cannot be completely sealed, when the laser welding machine is powered off, the air conditioner stops running. If air conditioning is not installed in the cabin or the air conditioning does not work all the time, the external hot and humid air can gradually penetrate into the cabin. In order to make sure that the operating environment is stable, please keep the machine on at all times for the sake of safety. Please do not turn off the water cooling machine during day time and keep the key of the laser welding machine closed with the power continuously, so as to keep the air conditioning in the cabinet running.


Please pay attention to the following steps when you restart the machine:

1. start the laser welding machine main power, and turn on the key switch of the laser welding machine, let the air conditioning cabinet run for about two hours.

2. After starting the laser welding machine for two hours, turn on the water chiller, wait for the water temperature to adjust to the preset temperature, and then prepare the laser welding machine to work.

3. Conduct normal production process


Also, the shutdown sequence of laser welding machine should be:

1. first turn off the water cooling machine

2. turn off the laser welding machine.

Waning: we cannot have the water cooling machine in the running state while the laser welding machine in off state


Hope the above gives you some tips on maintenance for laser welding machine in hot summer! SENFENG LEIMING laser possess a professional team for customer service. Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.  


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