How to judge whether the speed of metal laser cutting machine is appropriate?

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As a relatively intelligent cutting equipment, if metal laser cutting machine wants to achieve the ideal cutting effect, it needs the operators to master processing technical parameters and operation process. Especially during cutting, it is necessary to choose a suitable cutting speed, otherwise it may cause several kinds of bad cutting results, mainly as follows:

1. When the cutting speed is too fast, metal cutting laser machine will cause sparks to spray randomly and fail to cut; Or the cutting surface presents an oblique streak road, and melting stains are generated in the lower half; Or the entire section is thicker, but no melting stains are generated.

2. On the contrary, when the cutting speed is too slow, it will cause overmelting and the cutting surface will be rough. The cutting seam of the cutting material becomes wider and melts at the sharp corners.

metal laser cutting machine

Compared with other traditional cutting machines, the metal laser cutting machine has obvious advantages. It not only has the main characteristics of narrow slits and small deformation of the workpiece, but also has the advantages of fast speed, high efficiency, low cost, safe operation and stable performance. Therefore, in order to make the metal cutting laser machine play its excellent cutting function, operators can use a simple method to judge whether the speed is appropriate.

This method is to see the sparks of metal laser cutter.

1.If the sparks spread from top to bottom, it indicates that the cutting speed is appropriate;

2.If the spark tilts backward, it indicates that the cutting speed is too fast;

3.If the spark is not diffused, few, and agglomerates, it indicates that the cutting speed is too slow.

This is the simplest and most intuitive way to determine whether the speed of the laser cutting machine is appropriate.By observing the appearance, you can know the cutting status of the metal laser cutting machine in time. The operator can make effective adjustments so that the laser cutting machine can play its best role.

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