How Much Does a Laser CNC Machine Cost?

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The price of fiber laser cutting machine is one of the major factors that everyone pays most attention to when considering this purchase. There are many suppliers that produce laser cutting machines, and the prices vary greatly, ranging from tens of thousands to millions. Customers like you often get into trouble when choosing. In this article, we will dive into the factors that cause the giant gap between the cheap and the expensive equipment, please keep reading and to see if this helps.

Let’s first see the five factors that determine the price of fiber laser cutters.

1) Servo motor: It is related to the cutting accuracy of the laser cutting machine. Some manufacturers choose servo motors from well-known brands, which have a great reputation and the products are in great performance. Some are choosing servo motors from small factories with immature products, which has a high repair rate.

2) Laser lens: It is related to the power of the laser cutting machine. It is divided into imported lenses and domestic lenses. Even among domestic lenses, they are divided into imported materials and domestically produced materials. The price difference is very large, the gap of the use effect and the service life is also huge.

3) Laser source: This is the heart of the laser cutting machine. Due to the high price of imported laser tubes, generally tens of thousands of RMB, like IPG. But recent years, laser source made-in-China has also got quite positive feedback, especially laser sources from Raycus and Max, which has gained a large portion in the international market. More and more customers are choosing China brand laser sources due to the great performance, long service time and quick-responsive technical support.

4) Mechanical assembly quality: In order to reduce costs, some manufacturers use very thin iron sheets to make the machine cover, which is generally invisible to users, but over time, the frame will be easily deformed, which affects the cutting accuracy of the laser cutting machine. A good laser cutting machine is welded with high-quality steel plates and pipes. After welding, stress relief annealing, secondary aging treatment, and ultra-large gantry milling machine precision processing ensure that the bed has sufficient structural stability and shock resistance and withstand higher acceleration. There is no connection inside the bed to block heat transfer, avoiding the heat generated by cutting from being transferred to the bed and affecting the processing accuracy. The bed will not be deformed after long-term use, which improves the service life of the equipment.

5) The function of the machine: Some people who are familiar with laser cutting machines know that the current laser cutting machine configuration has increased so much, but the price has dropped compared with the previous years. It is a real good news. But some people say, don’t be fooled by those glamorous but useless functions. If you compare the reliability and the convenience and benefits of maintenance services, many new devices are not as good as the ones produced in previous years.

With all the above being said, you must have some sense about the price of fiber laser cutting machines. Actually, it mainly depends on the material and thickness you are processing. In Senfeng, we provide you with different series from laser cutting machines, for both sheet and tube, to laser cladding machines, which is a new way of surface enhancement, as well as laser welding and cleaning, press brake and so on. You can get a price range from SENFENG Alibaba site and consider that as a reference. If you are still not clear, leave your requirements and email address, we will contact you with the best solution to improve your production efficiency.




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