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Ultra Heavy Four-chuck Tube Laser Cutting Machine

SF12050HT tube laser cutting machine is designed for ultra heavy tubes and profiles with laser power ranging from 6kw to 20kw. With its side-attached machine bed, it can achieve better stability, larger loading capacity and greatly improve shock resistance to ensure higher cutting accuracy. Four-chuck can be used for cutting in reversed ways to realize the whole pipe processing of long tubes and achieve zero tailings for larger material utilization and cost-saving.

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Technical Parameters of  Ultra Heavy Four-chuck Tube Laser Cutting Machine




 Pipe processing range

Circular tube:Φ50~Φ500mm
Square tube:50×50~500×500mm

 Laser Power(kw)


Maximum Speed(m/min)


 Positioning Accuracy(mm)


 Repeated Positioning Accuracy(mm)

± 0.05

 Maximum Rotational Speed(r/min)


 Maximum acceleration(G)


  Table Maximum Load(KG)




 Advantages of Ultra Heavy Four-chuck Tube Laser Cutter


Wide range of processing capability

It can process round pipe, square pipe, rectangular pipe, L, U and H profiles
Dimension: round pipe Φ50mm-500mm,square pipe side length 50*50mm-500*500mm
Single tube maximum weight: 2T


Fast and accurate tube cutting

With advanced CNC bus system applied to 4-chuck delivering structure and Tubest 3D nesting software, 

12050ht achieves most efficiency and minimum waste.


Application Materials Of Tube Laser Cutter
Cutting material: Carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, brass, copper, galvanized steel, silicon steel, electrolytic steel, titanium alloy, manganese alloy, etc

Application industries:Ultra heavy tube cutting machine is widely used in aerospace, metal fabrication, machine manufacturing, rail transport, automobile manufacturing and food machinery.

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