Coil-fed Laser Cutting Machine - Making contribution to 2022 World Cup in Qatar

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What are the biggest events in the coming 2022? One of the most expected events must be the World Cup, which is the fest of soccer fans all over the world. This is the first time in history that the World Cup has been held in a country in the Middle East. It has epoch-making significance in the history of sports development in Asia and the world. Senfeng, as one of the top metal fabrication equipment manufacturers, with its coil-fed laser cutting machine, also takes a great part in the construction of the brand-new "green city" in the desert - Lucail.

The new landmark of Qatar, the Lusail Tower, is expected to be completed before the 2022 World Cup. The project consists of two 70-story skyscrapers and two 50-story skyscrapers. As a catalyst for the city’s new central business district, the Lucail Tower will take on political, economic, and commercial functions and play a very important role in every aspect.

It is known to all that the construction of super high-rise buildings in desert areas is a huge challenge. In order to cope with the complex and harsh climate, the Lucail Tower has high requirements for curtain wall decoration, which must be resistant to high temperature and corrosion, and realize energy consumption saving and recycling. Qatar governments are reaching out for cooperation all over the world to achieve all.

With its own strength, Dongtai Steel from China has become a supporting supplier of fireproof panels for the curtain wall lining of the Lucail Tower. Jinan Senfeng Laser Technology Co., Ltd. and Dongtai Steel have reached a strategic cooperation to help the curtain wall lining through the intelligent laser blanking production line with continuous supply of fireproof boards. It also directly proves the power of China's lasers. China is not only a big manufacturing country but also a powerful country with intelligence manufacturing!

Why choose Senfeng? Senfeng Laser is a global metal fabrication automation company, aiming to provide global users with automated metal processing solutions. Senfeng intelligent metal fabrication line integrates decoiling, blanking, cutting, stacking. The whole process is complete and smooth to ensure the lowest cost and highest efficiency, which helps you realize fully-automatic and intelligent production. Senfeng have three major models designed for different materials and thicknesses:

First one is SF1503CH, it can process coils of carbon steel and stainless steel in the thickness less than 3 mm. It also has an enclosure cover on the laser cutter to better ensure the safety. The second model is SF1503CLH, a model specifically designed for aluminum coil. We all know that you might need a better straightener for aluminum coils. The aluminium sheets coming from the coil can be flattened to a very high standard, and we can proceed cutting process without any extra treatment in between. Moreover, Senfeng is pushing the thickness limits of the coil to 14mm with our SF2014CH. Thanks to this machine, coil-fed production line is no longer limited in the world of thin metal materials.

There are additional modules we can offer according to your needs, such as laminating machine, spaying and coating machine and 2 kinds of stacking devises, robotic stacking hand for smaller pieces and the vacuum chucks for larger ones. Moreover, this whole line can be connected with MES system to coordinate all the automation processes in your workshop.  

After going through all the details of coil-fed laser cutting machine, I bet you would like to consider it to automate you production line and improve work efficiency. We would like to help you, as the same with helping the construction of Lucail Tower. Choose us, win the competition!




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