CNC laser tube cutter applied for T shaped steel processing

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Steel is widely used in many industries, it has many kinds such as steel plates,steel pipes, T shaped steels, etc. The newly produced steel is very large, and do not meet the requirements for direct use, so it need fine processing. Nowadays,laser equipment is generally used to cut  metal plates and pipes.  Today, SENFENG LASER  will introduce you the CNC laser tube cutter applied for T shaped steel processing. 

T-shaped steel is a kind of strip steel with certain section shape and size,it is one of the indispensable steels in daily life. The CNC laser tube cutter has many advantages for the processing of T-shaped steel.

This machine adopts mobile laser cutting method, the working platform is equipped  with left and right feeding and receiving devices, which can make the feeding, cutting and receiving work together, greatly reduce the time between processes, improving the working efficiency. It is a pipe processing equipment that can automatically realize all functions of pipe from feeding, length measurement, laser cutting to blanking. It can not only cut and rotate the T-shaped steel rapidly, but also cut and carve holes on the steel to complete all the processing steps. In addition, the machine fine processing can realize one-time cutting and forming without subsequent deburring, and can be used in the next process immediately after the processing.

As a multi-functional pipe cutting equipment, CNC laser tube cutting machine can cut T-shaped steel, process customized angle steel, channel steel and other profiles. To know more knowledge about our machine, just contact us asap.

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