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SENFENG is thrilled to announce our participation in 
APM 2024 ASIA PACIFICE MARITINE at Singapore on Mar 13-15.
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what is Laser Cladding Technology?

Laser cladding technology uses high-density laser beam to clad powder on workpiece surface, 
in order to prepare high-performing protective coating as a means to make metal surface harder 
and resistant to abrasion, corrosion, oxidation and high temperature, and extend service life of workpieces.
A Winner Beyond All Doubts
Laser Cladding VS Other Metal Repairs
  Laser Cladding Spraying Electroplating Electroplating Overlaying
Coating Thickness 0.1-10mm 0.1-0.5mm 0.1-100㎛ Thickness of single layer 0.1-3mm
Deformation Tiny Tiny Tiny Large
Bonding with Substrate Metallurgical bonding Mechanical bonding Mechanical bonding Metallurgical bonding
Bonding Strength High Relatively low Low High
Coating Hardness Permit design and control Permit design and control High Permit design and control

Extensive Use

Pain point: Workpiece is easy to wear after long work.

Our solutions: Clad its surface to get alloy coating, so as to make the workpiece resistant to heat, abrasion, oxidation and fatigue.
Pain point: Hydraulic support, stand column, oil cylinder and other workpieces are easy to rust.

Our solutions: Clad the surface to get alloy coating, for the sake of making them resistant to rust and corrosion.
Pain point: Mill roll, conveyor belt and other workpieces are easy to tire and rust.

Our solutions: Clad the surface to get alloy coating, making the workpieces harder and resistant to rust and corrosion, and the machine longer in service life.

Senfeng, as a leading integrated manufacturer of fiber laser machines for cutting, welding, cleaning, cladding as well as electric bending machine, provides various solutions in the field of fabricating machinery with cutting-edge technology.
To build the industrial world of tomorrow, we have set up subsidiaries in Dubai,UAE, Paderborn, Germany and Los Angeles, the US and several service centers in major cities of India, Pakistan,Jordan.

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