6 Application Industries of Laser Metal Cleaning Machine

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Laser cleaning technology is often used in industrial manufacturing. In order to ensure the quality of products, it is necessary to clean up the dirt, grease, dust and other pollutants on the surface of products in the production process. The following is a brief introduction to the application of laser rust cleaning machine in various industries.

1. Mould industry

Laser cleaning can realize the non-contact cleaning of the mold, which is very safe for the mold surface and can ensure its accuracy. Besides, it can clean the submicron dirt particles which can not be removed by traditional cleaning methods, so as to realize the real pollution-free, efficient and high-quality cleaning.

2. Precision instrument industry

The precision machinery industry often needs to remove the esters and mineral oils used for lubrication and corrosion resistance on the parts, usually by chemical methods, and chemical cleaning often still has residues. Laser deesterification can completely remove esters and mineral oil without damaging the surface of the part.

3. Rail industry

At present, grinding wheel and sanding belt are all used for cleaning rail before welding. The base material is seriously damaged and the residual stress is serious. In addition, a large number of grinding wheel consumable materials are consumed every year, which leads to high cost and serious dust pollution to the environment. Laser metal cleaning machine can provide high quality and efficient green cleaning technology for China's high-speed railway track laying production, eliminate seamless track holes, gray spots and other welding defects, improve the stability and safety of China's high-speed railway operation.

4. Aviation industry

The surfaces of the aircraft have to be repainted after a certain period of time, but the old paint has to be completely removed before the paint is painted. Chemical soaking/wiping is the main method of paint removal in the aviation field. This method causes a large amount of chemical auxiliary waste, and it is impossible to achieve partial overhaul and paint removal. The workload of this process is heavy and harmful to health. Laser cleaning can achieve high quality paint removal of aircraft skin surface, and easy to realize automatic production.

5. Shipping industry

At present, the sand blasting method is mainly used for ship prenatal cleaning. The sand blasting method has caused serious dust pollution to the surrounding environment, and has been gradually banned, which leads to the production reduction or even stop of ship manufacturing enterprises. Laser rust cleaning machine will provide a green and pollution-free cleaning solution for anticorrosive spraying on the surface of ships.

6. Military industry

Laser cleaning technology is widely used in weapon maintenance. The laser cleaning system can remove rust and contaminants efficiently and quickly, and the cleaning site can be selected to realize the automation of cleaning. Using laser cleaning, not only cleanliness is higher than the chemical cleaning process, and almost no damage to the surface of the object.


The above is the application of laser cleaning machine in various industries. Laser cleaning is a new type of cleaning method. Laser cleaning has obvious advantages compared with traditional cleaning methods such as mechanical friction cleaning, chemical corrosion cleaning, liquid solid strong impact cleaning, and high-frequency ultrasonic cleaning. It is efficient, fast, and low-cost. It has low thermal load and mechanical load on the substrate, and the cleaning is non-damaging; the waste can be recycled, no environmental pollution; it is safe and reliable, and does not harm the health of the operator; it can remove a variety of different thicknesses and differences Coating of ingredients; the cleaning process is easy to realize automatic control, realize remote remote control cleaning, etc.If you want to know more about laser cleaning machine, please contact senfeng.





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