What is 3D robot laser automation system?

 3D robot laser automation system integrates laser cutting, welding, cleaning and marking, which will help customers achieve flexible planning, production tracking and quality monitoring. Improve equipment utilization, reduce non-conformity and manufacturing costs, shorten lead times, realize intelligent and digital production.


Technical Parameters of  3D  Robot Laser System

               Robot Ontology          The Wingspan Repeated Positioning Accuracy
        FNUC M-20iB 

  Advantages of SF-20 RFL 3D Robot Laser Automation System

The first set of laser application automation equipment integrating laser cutting, welding, cleaning, marking and handling.The FNUC M-20iB robot body guarantees stable operation and high precision requirements of the equipment.
  • Laser Cutting System
    ​1.5KW-3.3KW laser cutting
  • Laser Welding System
    ​1.5KW-3.3KW laser welding
  • Laser Cleaning System
    100W/200W fiber laser cleaning
  • Laser Marking System
    20W fiber laser marking

Fiber Laser Cutting

3D robot fiber laser cutting system is equipped with 1.5KW-3.3KW. The arm length can reach to 1800mm * 3200mm. The cutting head has a high-precision follow-up system to ensure that the nozzle is consistent with the cutting height. It can cut multi-angle and multi-directional of sheet metal with different thicknesses.

Fiber Laser Welding System

3D fiber laser welding system is equipped with 1.5KW-3.3KW.The arm length can reach to 1800mm * 3200mm. It is the preferred model in the metal material welding and processing industry.The machine can weld all kinds of metal. Off-line programming software and weld seam tracking system can be selected according to customer requirements, greatly improving work efficiency.

Fiber Laser Cleaning System

Laser cleaning equipment can remove the surface resin, oil, dirt, dirt, rust, coating, coating, paint.The peak power is 20KW.Laser cleaning combined with robots can greatly improve positioning accuracy and achieve precise selective cleaning of workpieces.

Fiber Laser Marking System

This system is equpiped with 20W, the working scope is 100mm * 100mm. The combination of laser marking and robot greatly expands the application of marking.It can mark different positions according to different workpiece.

Laser Cutting
Laser Welding
Laser Cleaing
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