Application of Laser Cleaning Machine in Metal Welding Process

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When face the treatment before welding, the traditional treatment is use grinding or medicine water, which may damage the substrate or bring some environmental pollution. As a non-contact environmental cleaning method, laser cleaning machine provides a solution for the strict requirements of welding metal parts. The laser cleaner can easy clean the oxide and pollutants.

The application of laser cleaning machine in metal welding surface has the competitive advantage compared with the traditional cleaning method. It is flexible and changeable, such as optimizing the surface conditions for welding, removing oxides, improving the corrosion resistance of metal, stable substrate fusion line interface, no medium or chemical test agent, absolutely dry, clean and environmentally friendly operation.

 Advantages of laser cleaning machine

1.Laser cleaning machine with no direct touch cleaning process: the laser cleaning technology do not touch the material surface, and has wide applicability. It can be used to clean various shapes of components, and can solve the complex surface processing problem that mechanical cleaning is difficult to deal with.

2.Laser cleaning machine do not damage the metal substrate: after cleaning the surface pollutants, the laser cleaning technology do not damage the substrate or product, and can solve the problem that mechanical grinding cause damage to the workpiece surface.

3. Laser cleaning machine with high efficiency and environmental protection: laser cleaning technology is energy-saving and environmental protection. As we all know  the damage of chemical cleaning, for example, the limited size of components, the long process time and low efficiency and the chemical reagent is harmful to human body and environment, etc., it can be effectively solved.


Laser beam of laser cleaner can be adjusted slightly, especially suitable for metal materials, and the process surface is finely modified to form fine structure. The laser intensity can also be adjusted to fit for various adhesive strength. It is suitable for many applications in shipbuilding industry, auto parts, rubber mold, high-end machine tools, tire mold, tracks, environmental protection industry and other industries.




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