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Guide Rail of Maintenance of Laser Cutting System[ 07-09 16:00 ]
The guide rail cleaning for co2 laser cutting system: You can clean the guid rail once every 2 weeks ,and shut down the laser machine. Guide rails as one of the core components of the laser machinery equipment, its function is to play a guiding and supportin...
Optical System -Maintenance of Co2 Laser Cutting Machine[ 07-08 16:00 ]
The light path system for co2 laser cutting machine is very important in the operating the laser cutter machine. Daily maintenance is very necessary in the operation . Optical system of laser cutting machine is by the mirror and focusing mirror composed. In...
Maintenance of Co2 Laser Cutting Machine (Fans & Lens)[ 07-07 16:00 ]
The daily maintenance of co2 laser cutting machine: How to clean the Fans? There will be a lot of dust when used the fan long time, it will have a great noise, not conducive to the exhaust and odor. When fan can not exhaust smooth, first ,we need to turn off...
Cooling System Maintenance of Co2 Laser Cutting Machine[ 07-06 16:00 ]
Co2 Laser cutting machine equipment block tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands RMB, we should pay attention to maintenance and repair in order to increase the life of the equipment, reduce costs and create greater interest. Note the following fo
After-sales Service of Co2 Laser Cutters[ 06-18 16:00 ]
As a manufacturer of co2 laser cutters with 11 years experience, we suppply many kind laser cutting equipments , such as the hot sale laser cutters SF1390 for wood ,acrylic , leather , etc. MIni co2 laser cutting machine ,fabric laser cuting machine , glass l...
Application of Fiber Laser Marker-Senfeng[ 05-04 16:00 ]
Senfeng fiber laser marker is applied in the following industries: 1.IT Industry,two dimension code 2.packaging ,marking on pack 3.Auto Parts 4.Hardware Industry 5.Gift & Accessory 6.Machinery Industry
The Five Skills of Using Optical Fiber Laser Cutting Machine[ 05-02 16:00 ]
Laser cutting machine in the process of using, in general, there are many places need to be aware of, all below small make up mainly for fiber laser cutting machine to tell you in use process need to be aware of the five skills.
The Light of Fiber Laser Cutting System is Harmful to the Eyes ?[ 04-05 16:00 ]
The first is the eyeshield. Light of fiber laser system is harmful to the eyes, eye protection measures must be taken. Because the fiber laser cutter technology appears less than 5 years, it is strongly recommended that a comprehensive training on proper system operation and safety. Many operators do not has fiber laser cutting experience, it should be through the operating system to make up training experience.
Fiber Laser Metal Cutting Systems- How to distinguish ?[ 03-18 16:00 ]
Fiber laser metal cutting systems has been used in many industries,and the difference of fiber laser cutting machine is generally based on power, operating mode, brand manufacturers and laser brand . 1. Power High power and low power: High power mainly r...
The Gas For Fiber Laser Cutting Systems[ 03-06 16:00 ]
In order to ensure the best cutting quality, Fiber Laser Cutting systems use the different auxiliary gas depending on different the material. the kind of the gas for fiber laser cutting systems: 1) Air: ① using for cutting ② cooling cutting head ③ dedust ins
How To Maintain Fiber Laser Metal Cutting System ?[ 03-03 16:00 ]
 It is very important to maintain the fiber laser metal cutting system, in the processing of metal ,the operator need to study how to use the fiber laser cutting machine and maintenance skill, then use it rightly and extend the life of the fiber laser sys...
The Industry Application of Metal Laser Cutter Tools and Systems[ 02-23 16:00 ]
 Metal Laser Cutter Tools and Systems has the advantage : High precision, good stability. Work long hours. For bigger working area. Widely used for many materials,especially in hardware industry, sheet metal industry. The application industries for...
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