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Manufacturer Laser Cutting Machine[ 10-31 16:00 ]
SENFENG,has 12years experience for manufacturing laser cutting machine.As a leading manufacturer laser cutting machine,SENFENG has more than 200 work staff and 30 patents.The comanby.The annual production is more than 2000 machine.Our Service is as follows: 1...
Advantages of Senfeng Fiber Optic Laser Equipment[ 10-25 16:00 ]
10 Advantages of Senfeng Fiber Optic Laser Equipment.www.sfcnclaser.com skype:senfenglaser1
Difference of Co2 Laser Cutter Machine and Fiber Laser Cutter[ 10-13 16:00 ]
As usual,the fiber laser cutter is very different from the co2 laser cutter machine. The cutting materials of co2 laser cutter is applied to clothing,leather,lighting,cloth toys,embroidery cutting,model (construction models,aviation,navigation model,wooden to...
Fiber Laser Cutting Machine with Double Rack and Double Drive[ 10-04 16:00 ]
The fiber laser cutting machine with double gears and double drives has the advantage as follows: 1,In the transmission process of double gears and drives:gear used to transmit motion and power between any two axes,passing big power. 2,Fiber laser cutter wit...
Two Head Laser Cutting Machine 's Advantage[ 09-14 16:00 ]
Two head laser cutting machine is based on the requirements of customers,solve the problem of laser machine can not be changed or manually change the spacing of the 2 head. When the laser machine works,set up the laser machine and it will be  automatical...
Fiber Laser Cutting Copper Notes[ 09-08 16:00 ]
  As we all know, copper is good thermal conductivity materials,also belong to highly reflective material.For fiber laser metal cutting machine,it is relatively difficult to cut.When cut the copper with fiber laser cutting machine, what we should pay at...
Laser Cutting Bed of Linear Guide Maintenance[ 09-07 16:00 ]
Linear guide is very important part for laser cutting bed,the quality will affect the precision of laser cutting machine.So the choice of linear guides have to pass strict inspection by laser cutting machine manufacturer .SENFENG use the imported linner guide...
Metal Laser Cutting Machine Requirements[ 09-06 16:00 ]
When the metal laser cutting machine works,there are many factors affecting the cutting metal,such as air humidity,water recycling, etc. 1. The requirements for pure water Working cooling circulating water of metal laser cutting machine is required the us...
Metal Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Components[ 09-03 16:00 ]
In the metal processing market,fiber laser cutting machine has been the main tools for processing metal sheet with high speed and high precision. First,let's learn the working principle of fiber laser cutter machine;it makes the electrical energy into light a...
Fiber Laser Marking Machine Routine Maintenance[ 08-24 16:00 ]
Precautions of the fiber laser marking machine: 1) lasers and optics are fragile, handle care and avoid vibration; (2) When a fault occurs ,the laser machine should immediately stop working, which need the professional staff to operate; (3) Do not use the t...
Laser Cut Machine Type -Do You Know?[ 08-11 16:00 ]
Senfeng series laser cut machine can engrave and cut many materials,it is applicable for various industries.Laser cutting machine cut different materials, the process will be different. 1,vaporization cutting Heating at high power density of the laser beam,...
Senfeng Laser Fiber Cutter Unmatched Hole Punching Advantages[ 08-10 16:00 ]
In addition, the precision of the numerical control punch press is not very high, for a little thick plate, materials with higher accuracy requirement, do not know how to start.This time, the use of laser fiber cutter, in particular, the peak of science and technology of high precision laser fiber cutter is more appropriate and compared with traditional YAG laser cutting machine, the speed is faster, both in the efficiency or effect can satisfy customer's requirements.
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