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What are The Applications of Co2 Laser Cutting Machine?[ 10-20 10:03 ]
At present,there are big power and small power co2 laser machines.The big power one is used for metal sheet ,and the small power is used for cutting fabric,acrylic and other nonmetal materials.Besides these cutting,co2 laser machine can engrave words,images on bamboo,organic glass,marble,ceramic,paper,leather,etc.
Notice for laser engraver cutter 1[ 07-21 15:17 ]
1,to keep the laser equipment clean is a necessary condition for the machine to work. High Precision Machine Tool is the core component of each task,liner guider must be completed clean and keep lubrication; periodic oiling the bearings, in order to make driving a flexible, more accurate processing and prolong the service life of the machine. MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 /* Style Definitions */ table.MsoNormalTable {mso-style-name:普通表格; mso-tstyle-rowband-size:0; mso-tstyle-colband-size:0; mso-style-n
Advantage of the fiber laser cutting machine[ 07-18 14:02 ]
Fiber laser cutting machine can cut plate ,also can cut bevel cutting, the edges of samples neat, smooth. Fiber laser cutter is suitable for high-precision metal cutting boards, and can be combined with the robotic arm instead of the original three-dimensional cutting imports five axis laser. Compared to ordinary carbon dioxide laser cutting machine it saves space and more gas consumption with photoelectric conversion rate, It is new energy saving productsand also one of the world's leading technology products.
How to Clean the Co2 Laser Cutter lenses?[ 02-09 16:00 ]
The lens of co2 laser cutters are easy to be dirty and in dust,the lens is a precision components for laser cutters.The lens is necessary in regular cleaning.Otherwise it will affect the whole laser cutting machine.
How to Choose A Suitable Laser Cutting Machine[ 02-08 16:00 ]
With the development of laser technology,people pay more attention to the laser cutting machine,business man from different industrial all want to get a laser machine to expend their business or improve their work efficiency.So,how to ...
SENFENG Pipe Fiber Laser Cutting Machine[ 01-28 16:00 ]
fiber laser cutting machine is professinal equipment for cutting metal sheet ,the pipe laser cutter is for metal pipe cutting.Pipe fiber laser cutting machine is specially for cutting some thick metal pipe.
Fiber Laser Cutting Equipments--Precautions on Fireproofing[ 01-27 16:00 ]
We should pay attention to good fire prevention when use the fiber laser cutting equipment.The sparks are generated during fiber laser cutting machine cut the metal sheet . What precautions should be taken when use the fiber laser cutting machine? 1,check wh...
Optical Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Maintenance Skills[ 01-26 16:00 ]
Optical Fiber Laser Cutting Machine is higher price than other cutting machine,the technical staff need to do maintenance frequently,extend the life of machinery. What should I pay attention to?
The working principle of a fiber laser cutting machine[ 01-15 16:05 ]
Everyone may knows that a fiber laser cutting machine is specially used to cut thin metal materials such as stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum alloy, brass, etc. But not everyone knows the working principle of a fiber laser cutting machine. Today, i will introduce the working principle to you.
Jinan Nonmetal Co2 Laser Cutting Machine[ 01-11 16:00 ]
SENFENG LASER is professional manufacturer for laser cutting machine ,with 14years'experience for nonmetal co2 laser cutting machine,we are professional in the machine,and our laser machine can used in many industries,like the acrylic cut,leather cut,wood ,LED cut,etc.
Metal and Nonmetal Laser Cutting Machine Suppliers[ 01-10 16:00 ]
SENFENG LASER ,is metal and nonmetal laser cutting machine supplier for 14 years in Jinan ,China. With a small laser cutting engraving mahine,the factory was bulit and developed a leading laser cutting machine manufactuer now . SENFNEG LASER has the different...
Why Dose No Beam Come from the Laser Tube[ 09-18 16:00 ]
Recently, our after-sales departments receive a lot of calling-for-help phones or email. The major problem is that there is no no beam come from the laser tube. However, some simple questions lead to this condition:
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