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FAQ of SENFENG Laser Machine[ 10-25 14:33 ]
Can SENFENG laser work on metal ? What you should do to start a lase machine ?
How is laser marking machine working ?[ 08-30 14:39 ]
How is laser marking machine working
Materials for laser cutter[ 07-18 16:23 ]
In recently years ,laser cutter is used for nonmetal and metal material, like wood ,acrylic ,plywood ,pvc,,leather,garment paper,drubber,bamboo,plastic ,crystal,etc.
Questions of SENFENG laser on wood[ 07-11 11:21 ]
How does laser cutting and laser engraving of wood work ? Does the wood burn during laser cutting ?
How does laser engraving on stone work ?[ 07-10 10:44 ]
How does laser engraving on stone work ? Is it also possible to cut stone with the laser ?
Acrylic samples laser cut[ 07-22 15:10 ]
Laser cutting machine can cut different acrylic samples in our daily life.  
The notes before using the laser equipment[ 08-07 11:06 ]
Before operating the laser equipment, it is strongly recommended that the users should read this specification and follow the operation manual strictly and NOBODY is allowed to start up the machine EXCEPT THE PROFESSIONALS.
About senfeng SF1390 laser cutting engraving[ 08-11 15:51 ]
sf1390 laser engraver cutter is classic machine for our most customers all over the world.
How to adjust the optical path in laser machine manufacture ?[ 08-18 17:33 ]
laser cutting machine
SENFENG welcome you by its’ way[ 08-13 16:36 ]
As one of leading manufactures of laser machine,cnc router for more than 10 years,SENFENG has its factory. And welcome you to have a look of company and machines at your convenience. So are you wonder what we will do to welcome you ? Let me show you now: We...
crafts laser engraving cutting machine[ 08-13 14:17 ]
There are a lot of beautiful works of art in our daily life , they better our life .so it's a big market for beautiful crafts ,gifts and souvenirs . Also we find that some are well produced,but other are not good ,which is because of the crafts laser engraving cutting machine .
Machine parts of laser cutting machine[ 08-12 15:46 ]
Common most important laser machine parts including laser tube ,laser power,what chiller,air pump etc.
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