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Product Name:Large Format Metal Laser Cutting Machine

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SF20040R Large Format Fiber Laser Cutting Machine processing area can reach to 20000mm*4000mm.

The products adopt CypCut full-function CNC system, the bed is honeycomb carbon structure, and the beam is made of aviation aluminium precision welding; the whole bed is welded with high strength and stability, and the running speed of the machine can reach 60 m/min, which can realize the flying fast cutting technology. 

If you want to know more video and samples about laser metal cutting machine,please check this:https://youtu.be/gzaIKPhZKRk


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1.Honeycomb carbon structure, stable performance, no distortion for 20 years

2.Aluminum alloy beam, light weight, high temperature annealing treatment, strong stability

3.LMN20040R optical fiber laser cutting machine imported in originalANCAmotion high speed CNC system

4.CNCKAD Nesting Software

1)Multiple parts import

(2)Fast Conversion and Batch File Processing

(3) Efficient automatic typesetting function

(4) Supporting co-edge cutting

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1.Applied materials: widely used in cutting carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, brass, copper, galvanized steel, silicon steel plate, electrolytic plate, titanium alloy, manganese alloy;

2.Cutting range: 0.5-50mm carbon steel, 0.5-40mm stainless steel, 0.5-40mm aluminum alloy, 0.5-40mm brass;

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Application industry: mainly used in rail transit, automobile, engineering machinery, agricultural and forestry machinery, electrical manufacturing, elevator manufacturing, household appliances, grain machinery, textile machinery, tool processing, petroleum machinery, food machinery, kitchen Sanitary ware, decorative advertising, laser processing services and other machinery manufacturing and processing lines. 

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