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Seeks Agents /Distributor of Laser Cutting Machine around the World.

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 SENFENG LASER develop fast with 14 year's experience and until now we have many series laser cutting machine

Certification of Senfeng laser

  1. co2 laser cutting machine (from the small laser cutting engraving  machine,destop laser cutting machine,large laser cutting bed
  2. Small fiber laser marking machine 
  3.  fiber laser cutting machine(different size and laser power ). 

senfeng laser cutting machine

These laser cutting machine can cut or engrave many nonmetal and metal materials,acrylic, wood, MDF,leather,cloth,stainless steel,carbon steel,brass,etc.Welcome to be our agents !
looking for agents of laser cutting machine
 Why to be Agent of SENFENG Laser Cutting Machine?
  1. SENFENG is famous in about 130 countries now,in Southeast Asia,the Middle East,South America,etc.
  2. There are more than 30 exhibition every year and  more than 300,000 USD in website promotion fee. 
  3. As the leading manufacturer of laser cutting machine ,we have 14 years'of experience and factory price.
  4.  The customers from net to make enquiries,will be given to the local agents.
  5.  Our factory can meet customized requirements for the agents.
  6. The technical person will support the agent in after service and their local exhibition.
 senfeng fairs
 If you are interested in finding this opportunity ,please contact SENFENG at senfeng@jnsenfeng.com.
Inquire:Seeks Agents /Distributor of Laser Cutting Machine around the World.
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