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Plush Toy Production Needs CCD Fabric Laser Cutting Machine

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Plush toy is one kine of toys, it is made of wool cloth with soft nap + pp cotton fabrics and other textile materials as the main material, the internal stuffing made of various fillers. Toy production process: cutting, sewing, assembly, filling, integer, packaging, material: plush, polyester fleece, plush, velvet) acrylic cotton, plastic particles, PVC leather, non-woven fabrics, etc.Modern industry needs low cost and fast speed,so each link must be efficient.Traditional cutting methods is not applied now,one named CCD fabric laser cutting machine is widely used in production of toys.

plush toy

CCD fabric laser cutting machine is one kind of co2 laser cutting machine,which is equipped with sealed glass co2 laser tube and CCD camera.It can cut plush,polyester fleece,velvet,leather after scanning the images needed to cut,precise and fast.You just need an operater to use the computer to cut the plush toy materials.If you need to know more information about this CCD fabric laser cutting machine,just send e-mail to senfeng@jnsenfeng.com or add skype:senfenglaser1 or add whatsapp:008613210546543 , www.sfcnclaser.com

Inquire:Plush Toy Production Needs CCD Fabric Laser Cutting Machine
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